Secret World Legends Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

If you happen to be new and are looking for a tips and tricks guide for Funcom’s Secret World Legends, hopefully this guide will be helpful for when you’re playing the MMORPG. Secret World Legends is currently available to play for free right now for PC via Steam.

Secret World Legends has quite a bit of stuff that can easily overwhelm a player or may not be explained thoroughly so that players can maximize the best of the content provided in-game. Before explaining anything further, below lies the game’s official description for newcomers.

“Secret World Legends is a story-driven, shared-world action RPG that plunges players into a shadowy war against the supernatural, where ancient myths and legends cross over into the modern day.”

The first two things that are up for gamers to look over is a list of important features found in Secret World Legends showcased on revealing a nice beginner’s guide, which is accompanied by Steam user Virpyre’s guide featured on the Steam Guide community page. They roll out the basic classes in the game and their weapons including:

  • Assassin: Blade + Elementalism Focus
  • Warlock: Blood Magic Focus + Assault Rifle
  • Trickster: Chaos Magic Focus + Pistols
  • Punisher: Shotgun + Hammer
  • Magus: Elementalism Focus + Chaos Magic Focus
  • Gunslinger: Pistols + Shotgun
  • Demolisher: Hammer + Blade
  • Mercenary: Assault Rifle + Fist Weapon
  • Ravager: Fist Weapon + Blood Magic Focus

The first video guide teaching players how to level and build up abilities fast and efficiently comes in by YouTuber Scott Craighead.

The next guide is all about solo building. Sometimes in MMOs and RPGs you’ll be all by yourself doing stuff with others, but you’re not actually in a solid team. The video below aims to help players create their build as you progress through the story in Secret World Legends.

The video by Bishiknight theoretically is suppose to help you get an ideal of what to go for regardless of your class.

The last Secret World Legends video guide to help players out comes in by Bishiknight, showing players a basic weapons guide. Below lies both timestamps and the video guide itself:

  • 0:35 – shows roles of each weapon
  • 1:26 – shows hammer mechanics
  • 2:28 – shows chaos mechanics
  • 3:48 – shows shotgun mechanics
  • 4:41 – shows blade mechanics
  • 5:27 – shows Elementalism mechanics
  • 6:16 – shows pistols mechanics
  • 6:56 – shows fist mechanics
  • 7:46 – shows blood mechanics
  • 8:49 – shows assault rifle mechanics

As of now, Secret World Legends is free to play and is for PC via Steam.


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