Sky Rogue Exits Beta, Version 1.0 Brings New Changes
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2017)

Once featured on Steam Greenlight, yes, the very platform replaced by Steam Direct, comes Fractal Phase’s Sky Rogue and the new version 1.0. The update fixes a lot of problems that were looming over the game like a bad cloud. The update also changes content, and adds new features to the arcade flight sim.

The amount of fast-paced, jet-plane arcade shooters these days aren’t plenty, unless you count the upcoming Ace Combat 7 and this very game: Sky Rogue. Looking to quench the thirst of fans of said genre comes an update from developer Fractal Phase that changes Sky Rogue for the better.

To acknowledge the changes, the stages of Steam it went through, and the time put into Sky Rogue, the devs released a new update post for you to read over explaining the journey this small game had to go through to reach this point:

“The very first version of Sky Rogue was made in a week in July 2013. We released it on in January 2014, then on Steam Early Access in July 2015. The game you’re playing today is the culmination of more than 4 years work, we sincerely hope you enjoy it. Good hunting, rogues!”

Before taking that good luck to the skies, new features include the ODIN Experimental Bomber — a bomber only available after beating the end boss — a change to Specials so you can change and upgrade them, and a new Aeropedia that details a list of things and comes in courtesy of Sven Bergstrom. More information on changes and fixes that version 1.0 brings to the game can be viewed over on

The new version 1.0 launch trailer by DelkoDuck is up for your viewing pleasure.

If you happen to be intrigued by Sky Rogue and the content it has to offer, a 25% off deal that drops its initial price down from $19.99 to $14.99 is currently running and will end on August 31st.

Sky Rogue and version 1.0 is available to download and play right now over on Steam.

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