Star Citizen Slowly Rolls Toward Alpha 3.0 As Team Addresses Game-Stopping Bugs
Star Citizen
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries released a new Around The Verse video and it covers a lot of the content that the developers have been working on, especially in terms of bug fixing and cutting down some of the more pressing glitches preventing alpha 3.0 from working properly.

The Around the Verse video covering the Burn Down segment is pretty crazy. You can almost feel the stress pouring out of the developers and tech leads working on attempting to bug fix all of the pressing stuff brought forward by the QA department. You can check out the video below.

One of the more bizarre and funny glitches is a door glitch on the Constellation, where the doors began flying away from the ship into deep space.

There is some good news, though. The alpha 3.0 updater is working properly, but there is still some issues with lightspeed travel, spawning, UI stability, and a few other hiccups preventing alpha 3.0 from being stable.

They managed to fix half the major issues from last week, but then ended up half as many more. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Star Citizen - Drug Lab

They also discussed designing outposts, utilizing procedural outpost environmental blending, and changing the visual maps to ensure that the outer shells of the outposts match the environments they’re set in. This means that drug labs look dangerous, medical labs look sterile, and habitats look homey.

The artists working on the outposts also work hand-in-hand with the writers in order to ensure that the visual thematic of the locations matches the different corporations featured in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen - Moon Outpost

They utilize a feeder for materials, blend maps, logos, and decals within Data Forge so that it can procedurally generate interiors that match the aesthetics with the various company that the outpost is owned by. The tools make it easy for the artists to conveniently put a lot of art assets into the pipeline and create completely different locations without having to manually design them.

For now, a lot of gamers simply have to wait until Star Citizen’s bugs and glitches are squashed to the point where alpha 3.0 is actually playable. They’re currently gunning for an early September release. For more info you can visit the official website.

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  • Disqusted

    Screenshots look a lot better than the header image. Unless the header image is a photo of reality, in which case I’m not sure what to say.

    • Header image is actually a shot of one of the glitches they were working through regarding the procedural NPC store managers. The NPCs have a lot of reactions and dynamic responses and some of them had some serious issues when it was time for players to do things like interact with the counter or place objects in front of them.

      Don’t worry, though, it’s one of the things they’re fixing up. The image itself was captured during their demonstration of how it looked running in the debug menu.

  • tajlund

    I used to be such a huge Chris Roberts fan, but I just can’t get into this. The fact it’s multiplayer, combined with the ability to permanently lose items purchased with real money….this is just a big no for me. And it’s sad, because I enjoyed the Wing Commander universe a lot, hell I even enjoyed Strike Commander even though I was never into aircraft games. But, I am glad that the people that want this are getting to see progress and I really respect the amount of detail being put into it.

  • tajlund

    I used to be such a huge Chris Roberts fan, but I just can’t get into this. The fact it’s multiplayer, combined with the ability to permanently lose items purchased with real money….this is just a big no for me. And it’s sad, because I enjoyed the Wing Commander universe a lot, hell I even enjoyed Strike Commander even though I was never into aircraft games. But, I am glad that the people that want this are getting to see progress and I really respect the amount of detail being put into it.

    • Lemonscampi

      There is a singleplayer game called Squadron 42 that’s not online at all, thats the Wing Commander replacement, with the second game being star citizen you can buy them separately or bundled together for a reduced price.

      There are going to be 3 full single player squadron 42 games if they stick to what is planned, so you are actually getting exactly what you want if not more despite thinking you aren’t 😀

      And you don’t have to loose items purchased with real money you dont even have to buy anything with real money other than the game, and everything can be earned with ingame money, the only ones that stand to lose real money are the backers that crowdfunded the game that forget to insure their ship if they dont already have lifetime insurance, but you would not be affected if you just bought the game and worked for your ships instead.

      I’m just wondering why you have chosen to be overly negative about something when as you have just shown, you seem to know little about it?

      (edited for the sake of clarification to calm the butthurt of reactionary idiots below)

      • Shiggy Diggy Doo

        >And you don’t lose items purchased with real money

        Yeah that’s why you can purchase insurance for ships you can pay real money for, right? Because you just can’t LOSE your ships, right?

        Fucking idiot

        • Lemonscampi

          what a pleb.

          You are not REQUIRED to spend real money on ships , earn them in game then you have spent no real cash,
          you dont have to loose ships that cost real money with no other option you utter fucking window licker, you even mentioned insurance which will replace your ship and most backers who bought ships have lifetime insurance anyway, you don’t automatically loose everything once you die,it only happens if you’re a cluless dumbass so i suppose i can see it being a problem for you,if you dont want to loose items that cost real money then dont buy items with real money or remember to pay the insurance that will be a pittance compred to what you actually earn ingame, not a good idea to insult someone when your’e the one being a fuckwit but good try you utter mongoloid

          You started with the insults so i’m happy to carry it on if thats what you want to start 😉

          Shiggy Diggy Dumb(ass)

          • Shiggy Diggy Doo


            >Buy ship with real money, it gets destroyed and you have no insurance


            Keep moving those goal posts, the Church of Roberts is proud of you. You’ll soon be inducted in the Order of Scam Shittizen

          • Lemonscampi

            Wow, you are either mentally disabled or a young child……i will leave you to your own imagination have fun with that.
            Also what is PLEBES?

          • Shiggy Diggy Doo

            Oh not even trying to defend anymore? Not trying to say how you totally don’t spend money on jpegs of ships?

            You’re some fucking weaksauce, man. Chris Roberts needs to step up his shill game

          • Lemonscampi

            I dont need to defend anything especially from the likes of you.
            I like what i like its no concern of mine if you don’t agree i only responded because like the internet goon that you are you started with the insults
            The person that i responded to was misinformed so i replied, he is not a backer and hasn’t spent money on the game yet so would only have to buy the game and not spend real money on ships so he would not loose any real money so his concerns would not directly affect him, then you came along acting like an utter childish moron acting all salty, now you think i should respond to your idiocy like i actually care what you think.

            You value your own clearly biased opinion far too much.

            “Scam Shitizen” truly the invention of a keen mind all the open development clearly shows its a scam….its idiotic reactionary comments like this that makes your responses automatically invalid, but being a child you don’t comprehend. this 😉

            And you claim i’m weaksauce,so i suppose we can add self awareness to the list of things you seem to lack.

            Go Ham, i won’t respond, i would have a better experience sticking my D**k in a meat grinder, farewell

          • Shiggy Diggy Doo

            Aw look he knows he can’t carry a conversation so the cute widdle shitizen that could tries to be a big boy and say “I won’t respond”

            Everyone sees through that shitty little ruse

          • Joe_Blober

            Are you okay man? 🙂 Is there a conspiracy the world need to know? 🙂

          • Shiggy Diggy Doo

            Pro tip: Doing 🙂 this doesn’t 🙂 make you 🙂 right you 🙂 autistic fuck.

      • tajlund

        As many below have pointed out, they have instituted insurance, so yeah, if you don’t pay the blood money, you lose your ship.

        I do appreciate you editing your post to be less of a condescending prick though. Back when I gave a damn about this game Squadron 42 was being discussed as just the codename for the piloting part of the game as opposed to Star Marine. (This was during preliminary before backing was instituted). I am glad to see it was changed to be a single player game of it’s own. 3 episodes of about 20 hours a piece could be good deal depending on the price.

        So, in your own way you have renewed my interest in at least part of the game, so thank you for that. However, if you are a fan of something you might want to be a little less “destroy the infidels” and maybe people will be more interested in it. Not everything needs approached like you’re a rabid badger.

        • Joe_Blober

          About insurance, it is also a way to avoid in game currency inflation which is a real trouble for many MMO if not kept under control.
          If you put aside LTI (life time warranty) you get on some ship for real money, you will have in game to pay insurance for ship udpdate or cargo. That will be a small fees, not something you have to play days long to pay for.

          Expect also some type of tax or duties, fuels, repair and so on, all participating to inflation control.

    • Joe_Blober

      You do not lose what you bought with real money. You get it back after a time as purpose of CS is not to duplicate instant respawn like BF4 (applied to ships) but to ensure players do care about their action… and crash in each others for “fun”.

      If you buy a 45$ starter package (including one of the three starter ships) and get it destroyed… you can still play game and get another ship provided by Insurance ingame company.
      I am with you about PVP. I am more a PVE guy but first as your refenced to Wing Commanders, Squadron 42 is solo and the modern equivalent of WC.
      Star Citizen (MMO) will have a slider to minimise numbers of real players. So basically 90% of the PU is driven by NPC’s… including Pirate NPC’s 🙂

  • Lemonscampi

    Pretty informative episode had a good chuckle at the sentient doors.
    The wait is excruciating but at least there has been major observable progrress with mechanics and refinement rom the 3.0 showing last year at gamescom which softens the blow somewhat.
    And thankfully I only have to wait till the first wave of the ptu just after evocati to get in the game,a purely selfish thought I know but being a day one backer I have waited longer than most :p

  • Joe_Blober

    Thanks Billy for your sensible Article.
    The new glitches are courtesy of the planet and moons now having real orbit trajectory on backers request, which introduced new glitches as some assets like doors had not the right coding for orbit trajectory…

    An other option is still under investigation: a soldering problem at manufacturing 🙂