Star Citizen’s Star Map Will Be The In-Game Equivalent Of Google Maps
Star Citizen - Star Map

Roberts Space Industries released a new Around The Verse video, featuring the new Burn Down segment where they take backers and gamers through the quality assurance process. This segment includes a very brief look at the team and how they address a number of blockers and bugs in Star Citizen.

The half hour video covers a number of the major bugs that the various teams are going through in order to fix. The most pressing issues are the ones that cause the game to crash on boot, so they’ve been fixing those issues leading up to the 3.0 release.

They’ve also been going through the more critical bugs, such as waking up in a bed backwards and falling through the floor, spawning in and stuck in a falling animation loop, or dealing with the hubcaps on the Rover falling off when you get stuck on a rock. You can check out the latest Around The Verse video below.

Interestingly, it’s called “Burn Down” because the QA team has filled up the list of pressing issues that each studio will need to “burn down” until all the important issues are resolved and it’s safe to build and release a stable branch of Star Citizen.

Each week the Around The Verse segment will cover what bugs and glitches the team are “burning down”, and how close they are to release. They had well over 3,500 items they needed to fix initially, so next week we’ll see how many of those items they’ve fixed in the next segment.

They also talked a little bit more about the Mobiglass and the render-to-texture effect that will be utilized throughout the Star Citizen universe.

Star Citizen - Mobiglass UI

They reveal that the Mobiglass unit will come in multiple versions, including being able to upgrade the Mobiglass, going from a basic version to a more enhanced version.

There’s also going to be customizable the user interface of the Mobiglass, including being able to add and remove in-game apps, and allows you to also check your vitals, check your map, send and receive messages, and check your mission status.

They designed the Mobiglass so that it has a dynamic soundscape, making it easy to navigate. It will also be able to pull up the Star Map, which they hope will work a lot like Google Maps, and this particular UI feature will be utilized across all display systems that can access the Star Map.

Additionally, different locations across the Star Citizen universe will also have different kinds of tech, some lo-fi and others hi-fi. So if you travel to an old and outdated storage facility, the computer systems might use an old UI system, while visiting a more high-tech outpost might utilize a more advanced UI system. The world has basically been iterated to have visuals designed to relate to the location’s aesthetics.

Alpha 3.0 is scheduled to launch for backers starting September 8th. We’ll see if they can iron out enough of the kinks to make the deadline.


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