Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy Open Beta 3 Now Available For Download
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2017)

The third open beta for Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy is now available for download for PC players. The recently posted version adds new and improved content, which is accompanied by a trailer.

The download link for Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy Open Beta 3 can be found right here by hitting up

The project or mod by El Fabricio aims to bring back lost content from Star Wars Battlefront 3 and implement it all into Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy. The fan project has been going strong for a long time and has not faced any C&D letters, and will likely continue to pump out fixes and content from the canceled game.

Speaking of new content, the Star Wars Battlefront 3 team has released a new trailer to promote the latest build. As expected, the scope of the fan-made project is to bring a large-scale conversion of files so that Star Wars Battlefront 2 (from 2005) will mirror that of the canceled third game.

All assets from the third Battlefront game will be included, with eras like the Clone Wars and GCW being present, among other new additions.

If, however, the second Battlefront’s HUD and UI annoyed you, the fan-made project comes with a new HUD and interface, although I should note that the graphics and textures still reflect that of the much older 2005 iteration so keep that in mind.

As noted above, the third open beta is currently available to everyone. This open beta version features an updated variant of Bespin, Cato Neimoidia, and Coruscant. Hero Assault also joins the fray and includes all Clone Wars hero/villain characters.

The final build of Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy will feature loads more, but until then you can read the latest description explaining the future of the mod and watch a brand new trailer showing the open beta 3 in action.

“Battlefront 3 Legacy will now expand with the release of the third and hopefully last playable, public beta towards release of the full mod; which is going to include more maps, GCW content, brand new game modes and a campaign + the availability to play both new eras on all stock and additional custom maps.”

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