Stick Engine Lets You Create Your Very Own Action Game

From the outside looking in, the game Stick Engine, by Triverske, may seem like something that is trash prima facie. However, deep down there is a game maker tucked inside that’s designed for those who are in the beginning stages of learning how to code, as well as those who want to make their very own game. Stick Engine is set to debut on Steam Early Access come August 25th.

As mentioned on the front page for Stick Engine, the game is said to be a tribute to stick games of your youth without popup ads and abysmal frame-rates. Couple that with your ambition to create a game without having to hit the books, and you have an interesting game and game maker on your hands.

From making shapes to creating stages, all your creations can be shared with other people. And with the additional perk of Steam Workshop support custom content can be injected without unnecessary or tedious effort.

“STICK ENGINE puts the tools in your hands to create insane stick shenanigans and share them with the world using the STEAM WORKSHOP.”

Stick Engine supports two different game modes: Adventure and Battle. If you are more into story driven or campaign-like narratives, then Adventure mode has you, the player, up against an onslaught of enemies running through obstacles. Friends can also join in, turning the single player experience into a  co-op one.

Battle mode is as straight forward as its name implies: you battle others and alter settings to see who is the best at beating the other in an area style setup.

Again, the game may not be something pretty on the outside, but what it has to offer right now means a lot if you are the type that likes to create simple, fast action-packed games.

The official release is literally a week away from hitting the digital market, but until then you can visit Stick Engine’s newly posted Steam Early Access page.


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