Studio MDHR’s Animator Talks Creating And Animating Cuphead

If you are curious about Cuphead and the work and time that went into the game regarding animations and creating characters, a new video by Studio MDHR’s animator, Jake Clark, at GDC 2017 explains some rather interesting tidbits about the upcoming PC and Xbox One platforming title.

At the moment it is unclear how well the gameplay of Cuphead will be received at launch, but what is for certain is that the art is a time consuming task that is no joke. In a recent talk at GDC 2017, Studio MDHR’s Jake Clark — an animator and designer on the game — discusses the process of creating characters and much more.

The talk dives deep into the 1930’s cartoon visuals of the game, hand-drawn backgrounds and the devs philosophy of creating characters, which includes some characters being thicc. The 28 minute long video that covers Cuphead can be seen below thanks to GDC.

The run-and-gun action game is said to focus on boss battles, in which those battles are accompanied by familiar 2D side-scrolling platform action sequences. According to various Cuphead gamplay footage, a world map will be present that leads to 2D stage segments that’s often followed by boss battles and shops.

Moreover, players have the option to assume the role of Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local-co-op) while traversing strange worlds, obtaining new weapons, learning powerful super moves, and discovering hidden secrets all in an attempt to pay debt back to the devil.

If all of the above has your interest, the game is set to roll out this Fall. Speaking of Cuphead’s release, the game will run around $19.99 when it hits the market for gamers to play.

Last but not least, additional information on this very game, Cuphead, can be found by hitting up its official website or Cuphead will hit PC and Xbox One on September 29th.

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