Super Mario 64 Online Video Reveals True Multiplayer
(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

Ever wanted to play Super Mario 64 with a friend? Well, there’s a new mod in the works by Kaze Emanuar and MelonSpeedruns that adds online multiplayer support to Super Mario 64, which is currently in an early-alpha build.

Yes, this online multiplayer mod for the much older 1996 title that brought our Italian plumber to the third-dimension, will soon sport true multiplayer capabilities. But that’s not all, the devs are looking to bring not just three, not four, not even six player online support, but eight player online support to Super Mario 64.

The mod actually works and is in an early-alpha state as we speak, however if all goes well it could debut in the next two months according to Emanuar. This means that multiple players around the world will be able to play and enjoy Super Mario 64 sometime in the near future.

Want proof that the above is something that is being worked on right now? The footage below detailing the mod can be seen here thanks to Kaze Emanuar.

Moreover, some interesting tidbits popped up about the mod. A certain user by the name of Samper Delarzal on YouTube asked:

“Soooo, do you have to be in the same level or can you do what you want in parallel like a legit online game? 8 players on the same map or on the same game? And do you share the same stats? And when somebody finishes a star, does it finishes it for both players? And when you go in a warp, does it warp the other player(s?)? I have so many questions!”

Emanuar replied with the following:

“You can see most of that in the video. often, he’s entering the level after me or the other way around. the players are independent.”

There you have it, Super Mario 64 will have different players capable of roaming around without being on the same PC, screen or area in-game.

More information on this project or Emanuar’s other projects can be found on his Patreon page.

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