Super Mega Baseball 2 Delayed To Early 2018
Super Mega Baseball 2

Metalhead Software recently announced that their sports game, Super Mega Baseball 2 won’t be arriving in September as they had originally planned. According to a press release, they announced that due to the basic roadblocks developers encounter during development, September isn’t going to be a feasible release window for Super Mega Baseball 2.

They could have relied on releasing the game in late fall or early winter, but they noted that it would be better to release the title during baseball season as opposed to trying to squeeze in a release during the absolutely hectic holiday season.

As noted by Blues, a video was released by the developers to explain in detail their decision to delay the game.

Delaying the game to early 2018 is pretty smart because there are fewer mid-budget titles to contend with. That’s not to say that 2018 may not have a plethora of surprises in store that could once again overshadow the release of Super Mega Baseball 2, but so far I’m pretty sure Metalhead Software is not expecting to contend with games like God of War.

A second video was also released covering the way players are able to manage the different positions for each of the players, including having them cover multiple positions or no positions at all depending on how you want your line-up to look. You can check out the quick two minute video below.

Even though you can setup the management of your team before a match starts, you can actually edit the positions for the players during the actual gameplay, so that you can modify how you want your bench to look while you’re in the middle of a game. So if you want to swap out all your dudes for a bunch of dudettes, you can do that.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is scheduled to release for home consoles and PC in 2018.


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