The Next Brothers In Arms Is Currently In Development, But Will It Be Worth It?

Gearbox Software and Ubisoft brought the first Brothers in Arms game to the gaming scene more than 10 years ago, and as of now, the latest game to succeed Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is currently in development. However, this begs the question will the next Brothers in Arms game be a watered down WW2 FPS to push big units or will it be something noteworthy?

Five months ago it was confirmed on Randy Pitchford’s feed of tweets that Brothers In Arms will gain a new entry to the ongoing FPS WW2 series, thanks to Twitter user Martino.

Two months after April 21st, bringing us to E3 2017 on June 12th, publication site Gamezone reported that Pitchford told Geoff Keighley some new things about the upcoming Brothers in Arms game, which reads:

“We’ve had in development for some time a new Brothers in Arms game. It’s authentic, its got Sgt. Baker, it’s the Brother in Arms game we want to make and we’re doing it under our publishing label. I was really grateful when Ubisoft jumped in to help publish the original Brothers in Arms games but as that relationship matured, I think for them they thought the game looked pretty cool and it was sort of a side bet and it turned out to be a big franchise and it became important to their business and as that was true, they got more and more involved. I think their interests were different from what we think Brothers in Arms is,” he said. “Now we can do the authentic game Brothers in Arms fans really want.”

Pitchford continued and mentioned some things about how Telltale helped Gearbox with the game in question’s development and went on to say that…

“I think Brothers in Arms has always been strong because of its unique tactical gameplay, it’s not just a raw shooter. There’s a lot more to it than just the skill test. There’s also a storytelling element, we’re really pushing that to new places. Our experience working with Telltale on the Tales [of the Borderlands] series has taught us that you can actually make gameplay out of storytelling and you can have that be really engaging.”

Brothers in Arms was an unforgiving FPS WW2 single-player series that did not have microtransactions or auto health-regen. The games stuck close to real WW2 events, which meant you could use real map knowledge to find, fix and flank your enemy; opting for certain tactics to prevail over others during specific situations. However, will the upcoming Brothers in Arms discard all of the above and bring tutorials and hand-holding QTE scenes or will it be something that will break the mold and get your brain thinking like before?

In other words, Brothers in Arms didn’t just have a player kill a tank or MG42 nest with ease, it was a long tedious job and would often result in the player having to stop and think out a long plan that would either work or result in the mission being earned in blood — especially on the Authentic game mode. If all of that left the game, including the life bar that would never regenerate, would it really be the same series?

I’m saying all of this because I enjoyed the older BiA games and wish that the newest game in development will keep that tactical edge that forced players to figure out how to overcome a situation through sheer wit, which could only be executed through your tank and fire team to best your enemies.

We may or may not get a teaser at this year’s Gamescom or at some other event, but in the meantime, though, what do you think of a new “authentic” Brothers in Arms game published and developed by Gearbox featuring Sgt. Baker?