Thimbleweed Park Arrives On Nintendo Switch In September
Thimbleweed Park Nintendo Switch
(Last Updated On: August 10, 2017)

The release date for Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park has been narrowed down for the Nintendo Switch to September. We don’t know when in September, but it’s coming soon in September. The PlayStation 4, alternatively, received an official release date of August 22nd.

Over on the PlayStation Blog it was revealed that the game will be made available digitally on the PlayStation Store for the PS4, and it will support DualShock 4 unique features, along with refined gamepad controls for making the leap to home consoles.

The PS4 version will pale in comparison to the Switch version, however. It sounds like Terrible Toybox is making the Switch version of the game the definitive version to play. They demonstrate some of the features in the teaser video below featuring real-time off-screen footage of the Switch version. Check it out below.

The Switch version will support the standard TV and tablet mode, but the added benefit in tablet mode is that it will allow players to replace the mouse cursor with touchscreen tablet functionality. You’ll be able to pick up objects, interact with your inventory or direct the character(s) around the screen using touchscreen controls.

In addition to the touchscreen controls, there will also be the option to use the Joy-Con controls as well, which will allow players to conveniently play the game in TV mode using the Joy-Cons.

The game will also only be available through the Nintendo eShop. There’s apparently a lot of excitement for the game on the Nintendo Switch, which is not surprising given that a lot of gamers seem to be desperate for more games on the Switch.

Whether or not it’ll be a good on the Switch remains to be seen, but it will be fascinating to see if point-and-click games will tap a market on Nintendo’s hybrid portable console.

If you don’t care about home consoles, gimmick controls,  or portable devices, you can purchase Thimbleweed Park on PC right now via digital distributors.

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