Timesplitters Rewind Devs Detail Progress In First Update Video
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2017)

Are you a fan of Timesplitters? The first-person shooter and its Rewind development seems to be going rather well in that a new “Developer Update” video series has popped up explaining current progress made on Timesplitters Rewind.

The last installment in the Timesplitters series of games was 12 years ago back on March 21st, 2005. That game was published by EA and developed by Free Radical Design. Although a lot of people were looking forward to a fourth title in the time-traveling series it did not come to fruition.

Recovering the remains of such a franchise comes Cinder Arts, who happens to be overcoming some hurdles from the past thanks to the latest 5.4 preview build of Cryengine. As of now, the team is taking a look at its past work, whilst aiming at a 2017 “rolling” official release.

Most work has gone into the UI and is waiting implementation, the same concept applies to changes made to the level Chinese. Additionally, we also learn that Timesplitters Rewind will have a story or campaign mode, too.

Overall, the team seems pretty proud of the current work made and only seems like growth will continue due to the job hiring post made on August 4th — as seen and mentioned at the end of the first video.

With that all said you can check out the first Developer Update video thanks to TimeSplitters Rewind Official YouTube channel.

A summary of changes and updates made to Timesplitters Rewind by Classyham can be seen below, which the video showcases additional concept builds and discusses the rolling release of TS:R.

If the dev team can keep this progress up a playable version of Timesplitters Rewind should follow suit in no time. In the meantime, though, you can keep up with the latest news on said project by hitting up tsrewind.com.

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