War Tech Fighters, Mech Game Early Access Date Set For August 16th
War Tech Fighters

Drakkar Dev and Green Man Gaming Publishing have announced that War Tech Fighters, the mech-based action game for PC, is set to release on Steam and Green Man Gaming in Early Access starting August 16th.

The news was posted up over on the Green Man Gaming blog, where they also let loose a new trailer and a few details on the gameplay for War Tech Fighters. If you haven’t seen the game in action or have no idea what it’s like, you can out the trailer below.

The game reminds me a lot of Strike Suit Zero and Galak-Z. In a way it’s almost very similar to a space-oriented version of Armored Core or the Koei Tecmo Gundam games. In a way, this is like an upgraded, new-school version of Thexder, which came out back in 1985 and, surprise, surprise, actually featured a female protagonist on the hunt for retrieving her kidnapped fiance who was taken by some ugly space aliens.

Anyway, War Tech Fighters is described by Green Man Gaming as Michael Bay meets Evangelion. The gameplay certainly seems to reinforce that mantra.

The game itself features upgradeable equipment, customizable mechs, and an R&D mechanic so you can develop new weapons and gear for your machine. There will be over 150 upgrades available, and the customization will allow you to not only swap out new parts and pieces, but also customize the colors and livery for war fighter.

As you complete missions and defeat baddies you’ll be able to level up and use those points to further deck out your mech across 12 different missions and the ability to replay missions and earn points through challenge quests.

Gameplay wise, War Tech Fighters has promise. So long as the movement is clean, the action is visceral and the animations are solid, it has an opportunity to become an indie sleeper-hit.

You can look for War Tech Fighters to launch on August 16th later this month.


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