Warframe Guide: Here’s How To Get Hydroid Prime

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If you are looking to get ahead of the prime game Hydroid Prime has arrived, and if you insist on collecting all of his parts this guide will cover all of his drop locations and Relics, as well as the new Prime weapons added. Digital Extremes’ Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you are looking for Hydroid Prime, Ballistica Prime and Nami Skyla Prime, each named Prime variant of the existing Warframe and weapon is listed right here for you to look over and research.

Hydroid Prime Parts And Relics

Hydroid Prime Blueprint: Meso N5 (Uncommon)

  • Credits – 25,000
  • Neuroptics – 1
  • Chassis – 1
  • Systems – 1
  • Orokin Cell – 1

Hydroid Prime Neuroptics: Axi N4 (Uncommon)

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Neural Sensors5
  • Plastids – 1,100
  • Alloy Plate – 8,750
  • Nano Spores – 12,750

Hydroid Prime Chassis: Neo S8 (Common)

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Argon Crystal – 2
  • Salvage – 10,500
  • Feritte – 6,750

Hydroid Prime Systems: Neo H1 (Rare)

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Nitain – 2
  • Control Module – 10
  • Circuits – 1,300
  • Cryotic – 925

Ballistica Prime Parts And Relics

Ballistica Prime Blueprint: Lith B2 (Rare)

  • Lower Limb 1
  • Upper Limb 1
  • String 1
  • Receiver 1

Ballistica Prime Lower Limb: Axi V6 (Common)

  • N/A

Ballistica Prime Upper Limb: Lith T1 (Uncommon)

  • N/A

Ballistica Prime String: Meso G1 (Uncommon)

  • N/A

Ballistica Prime Receiver: Neo S7 (Uncommon)

  • N/A

Nami Skyla Prime Parts And Relics

Nami Skyla Prime Blueprint: Meso C3 (Common)

  • Credits 15,000
  • Blade 2
  • Handle 2
  • Orokin Cell 15

Nami Skyla Prime Blade: Lith H1 (Uncommon)

  • N/A

Nami Skyla Prime Handle: Axi N5 (Rare)

  • N/A

Just as an explanation for those who don’t know: the N/A stands for not available — seeing how there is no way of obtaining that specific part. In other words the part can only be obtained through said Relic, and costs no Credits or Resources.

If you need more help or a visual reference to all the abave, it can be found on the official Warframe forums or the main Warframe Wikia that the devs support, which contains Hydroid Prime, Ballistica Prime, and Nami Skyla Prime.


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