Watch The King Of Fighters: Destiny – Episode 4 Here
King of Fighters Destiny

SNK released the fourth episode in their ongoing series of animated episodes featuring a retelling of both Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters. The 14 minute episode is pretty short, but it packs a few punches into the minuscule runtime.

The fourth episode picks up after the last one, where Terry and Joe ended up in a bar brawl, and Ryo, Benimaru, and Goro were prepping to enter into the King of Fighters tournament.

In this episode, Terry and Andy come to blows over a number of issues, including how their father died. You can check it out below, courtesy of the SNK YouTube channel.

The episode starts with Andy and Terry fighting. Terry tries to tell Andy that they need a plan in order to get into Geese’s tower. Andy is being a hothead and doesn’t want to wait.

They eventually commandeer a truck making a run to Geese’s tower. Terry takes over the driver’s position and manages to get into Geese’s compound.

Another fight takes place, where Billy leads some goons to fight against Terry, Joe and Andy.

Billy and Terry fight to stalemate, and then Geese shows up and attempts to fight all three, but they scurry off and run like Floyd Mayeather when he fought Manny.

Anyway, the episode ends after Clark Still gives Heidern feedback on the fight that took place at Geese’s compound. We also get a very short shot of Kyo meditating in his room before previews of the next episode pop up, which focuses on Geese Howard’s backstory.

IDragons Creative Studios is obviously working on a pretty cheap budget, but I have to admit that they nailed Andy Bogard and Joe. Clark Still also looks pretty good. Geese is passable, but he certainly looks better in Tekken 7.

In case you missed the previous episodes, they’ve been collected and posted in this King of Fighters: Destiny thread.


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