What Would Help Battlefield 2018 To Become A Long Running Fun Game?
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2017)

A lot of people are looking forward to EA and DICE’s upcoming entry to the long running first-person shooter series known as Battlefield. And with a lot of people saying that Battlefield 1 is dead due to a combination of things, what could the devs bring to the table that would actually make the 2018 version worthwhile, fun and long running?

If you look up Battlefield 1 right now, you’ll see a lot of memes floating around calling the game “dead” or it has no content despite it turning in a lot of money for the devs. The drop-off is evident through player drop off according to the graphs by Twitter users DrSquirrelBoy12 and David Stachon:

A lot of complaints about Battlefield 1 surround its BTK (bullet time to kill), animations, and certain vehicles being able to self-repair; promoting the act of camping and getting a K/D (kill death ratio) of 50 – 0 without PTFOing or helping the team capture objectives.

Something that added to the decline of players leaving BF1 was that all customization regarding characters, weapons and attachments is pretty much zero to slim, forcing the player to play within the confines of a weapon’s stats. Now that wouldn’t be bad if map design had its merits across the levels present in-game, but that’s not the case, which, again, promotes high-rate of fire weapons like the Model 10-A, Automatico and Hellriegel variants to be more than prominent at close ranges, and snipers to chip your life away in more open areas.

In addition to the above, players can’t 2 Vs. 1 (or more) forcing battles in contested areas to feel lopsided and not very skill-based. Couple all of the above with the forced implementation of character classes having to be a specific race or gender contributed to the decline. I should note that — while on character customization — other soldier variants are present in the story mode, which begs the question why couldn’t players pick from existing models from the campaign in multiplayer?

With that all said, whether Battlefield 2018 is set in the Korean War (1950-1953), Cold War, or a more modern time, the most important thing is that the devs should make the next game move further away from some of the things present in BF1, rather than creeping closer to the current game in the series.

Balancing weapons and vehicles are important, but there needs to be a level of skill to separate lesser skilled players from those who put in time to get better. In other words, weapons and vehicles need a learning arch so that players who invest in them can find their best ranges and be far more effective compared to the less skilled. Also, Stages and game modes need better thought put into them so that players know how to work them to their advantage.

Lastly, PC and console versions of BF 2018 need to be balanced and updated separate, grenade spam needs to be a thing in the past, and Premium needs to go so that the community won’t be so split and divided.

What would you like to see in Battlefield 2018? Would you like the game to be more intense, slower paced or do you think it needs an overhaul in several departments? What’s for certain is that EA and DICE will release the next Battlefield game in 2018.

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