Wild West Online Playable Alpha Release Date Set For This Summer

Wild West Online is a third-person Western MMO game that is being developed by 612 Games. Facing some delays at the moment, one of the developers has come forth to announce that Wild West Online’s playable alpha will start at the end of this summer.

If you don’t know, the most recent Western MMO named Wild West Online is a game built from the ground up for PC, featuring exploration, resource gathering, PvP and PvE missions among other content. Wild West Online is developed by 612 Games and is said to be driven by an open world where players can decide to be a hero or villain in an R-Rated adult playground.

Recently, there was talk that an alpha version would release for players to help shape development of Wild West Online,  which will undoubtedly bring about both criticism and praise in order to further the game along in development, hopefully resulting in something play-worthy. Of course, the alpha didn’t release when people expected and now a lot of people are questioning where is the playable alpha?

While the words “Before the end of summer” may be heartwarming to some, especially those looking to become a good, bad or ugly cowboy, where does that actually place the launch of the alpha, given that we are near the middle part of August and Summer is about to end on September 22nd?

Seeing how there are no promises that the playable alpha for Wild West Online will hit this August, we can expect the game to receive an early playable build sometime late Q3 through Q4 2017.

Nevertheless, folks interested in the upcoming PC Western game will find features like resource gathering, banks/train heist, PvP and PvE missions, along with biomes that reflect Old Mexico, mountains, towns filled with a variety of shops and much more. You can check out the first official video by Wild West Online showing actual gameplay below.

There is no solid evidence on this but seeing how Total Biscuit tweeted that folks should keep their jets cooled on being excited for Wild West Online, it has quite a bit of people weary that another fiasco might pop up and it could end up being another flash in the pan.

The reason behind the warning tweet by Total Biscuit comes in due to the game using the same game engine as The WarZ or Infestation: Survivor Stories. There is no telling if the above is linked to the devs closing the comments on all their YouTube videos and why they all have noticeable down-votes, but it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled and doing thorough research if you are interested in WWO in case there is something brewing.

More information on Wild West Online can be found over on playwwo.com.


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