Will Capcom’s Deep Down Be A Title That Gamers Actually Want?

With Capcom delaying the futuristic medieval-looking title Deep Down, and wanting it to look much different from what was shown prior to that in 2015, it definitely begs the question if Deep Down will be a game that gamers actually want or will the hype trail off when it finally does release?

It’s been a long time since any substantial news has come forth regarding Capcom’s Deep Down, and if you happen to have forgotten what the game is about, the single player game featuring hints of multiplayer was slated to be a PS4 exclusive. Set in New York in the year 2094, the protagonist honed the ability to read memories from legacies of the past, which essentially would help to explain the story behind the RPG.

Before proceeding onward, more information on the game to keep those unaware up to date can be seen in a video by Shaan7030 below, accompanied by timestamps:

Continuing on… back on February 9th of this year (2017) a second trademark by Capcom was filed for Deep Down. The second trademark joins the other valid one Capcom filed in 2013.

Moreover —  following the reveal at PlayStation Meeting in February of 2013, and informing gamers that it runs on Capcom’s Panta Rhei game engine —  producer Yoshinori Ono provided a status update back in 2015, confirming the game is still in development, but will look different from prior footage:

“We’re thinking about showing something that looks completely different from what was previously shown, although it might be a while from now”.

With that said, the gaming market has been flooded with a lot of walking simulators, first-person shooters, hero shooters, card games and will soon be flooded by the likes of battle royale titles due to PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, so having something different on the market could really help infuse interest into the third-person hack and slash sub-genre.

In addition to the above, while there are a lot of clone titles out like the Dark Souls (or Demon Souls) series, there haven’t been any wacky approaches like Deep Down, where a futuristic medieval America is overrun by dragons and demons, with knights scavenging through ruined skyscrapers for advanced tech. And with the gameplay and feel of the game set to take a turn that is different from previous footage, it definitely makes you question if Deep Down will be a fresh title to hit the market or will it be a title that gamers should pass?

Deep Down is still in development and has no release date as of this moment.


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