Will Cyberpunk 2077 World Map Be Something To Remember?

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently in development and is CD Projekt Red’s upcoming open-world, cyberpunk RPG. One of the many ingredients that help an open-world RPG to succeed is a good world map or stage design, and with the most recent job listing post for a level designer, will Cyberpunk 2077 world map be something to remember?

I know, it’s too early to tell in that we’re a year or two out before receiving substantial news from the developers on how Cyberpunk 2077 will be at launch. And yes, I know that hiring is an important thing when attempting to create a large scale game, but after the forth time posting a job listing for a level designer — something that was covered here before — it does pose the question if Cyberpunk 2077 world map may be something worth remembering?

The importance of map design is more than essential, in that if the world map comes across lazy and often leads you to the same place during a quest or story mission, it will feel like a recycled effort to stretch the game out due to the lack of map variety, similar to Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

Looking at the effort of so many job listings from CD Projekt seeking out level designers does seem to insinuate that CD Projekt Red wants to counter the very problem of map burnout. Given that Night City — a place located in California, positioned near San Fransisco and Los Angeles — will be where the game is set and that there will be flying vehicles, means that there has to be spacious/unique locations so that gameplay flow is consistent.

The required tasks for the new level designer and senior level designer sit below:

  • Designing, prototyping, iterating and polishing in-game levels, including level geometry, scripting enemy encounters and other gameplay elements, using proprietary level editor in the RedEngine.
  • Crafting unique open world spaces where gameplay flow and visual composition form memorable experiences.
  • Creating required level design documentation.
  • Working closely with other teams to ensure created levels contribute to and enhance the gameplay and game narrative.

As we can see in the second bullet point, crafting a memorable experience through the game’s open world is a main focus that has been constantly reiterated in the past.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s good that CD Projekt Red is pushing an initiative that promotes good map design, but seeing that new blood is entering the office in today’s market could result in a similar execution like Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It’ll be interesting when 2018 rolls around, which is the year that CD Projekt Red will focus more on Cyberpunk 2077, because then we will be able to tell what’s really going down with development.

Until more information pops up surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, you can read over the latest job listings by hitting up Twitter or you can quench your cyberpunk thirst with this fan-project video that was posted by a user named Battlevader on the job listing Twitter page, which comes in by SpazzGibbon.


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