Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Gameplay Video Features Crippled BJ In Action
Wolfenstein 2

Bethesda put out an official walkthrough video for the very first level of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I’m not exactly sure why they’ve been so giving with showcasing entire levels from the game, but for gamers who have yet to see the upcoming first-person shooter in action, there is nearly 20 minutes worth of content up for your viewing pleasure.

The mission covers the entire first level of the game, opening up with a crippled and barely functional B.J. Blazkowicz. Players must guide the disgraced hero through Nazi-occupied levels while attempting to escape with what pieces of B.J., are still intact. You can check out the video walkthrough of the first level below.

The video starts with B.J., all scarred and scratched up. His chest is all scratched up and he’s damaged to the point where he can barely walk.

B.J., ends up brandishing a sub-machine gun, taken from a rebel who gets lit up by the Nazi soldiers invading the naval vessel.

After the cinematic, there’s about two minutes of gameplay and two more minutes of cinematics.

Players spend the next few minutes rolling around in the wheelchair, killing Nazi soldiers.

SJWs are probably loving that a hero character has to waste a mission rolling around in a wheelchair, but MachineGames gets to accrue some of those sweet, sweet progressive virtue signal achievement points for having players control a disabled person in a game.

One noteworthy highlight to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is that the game actually uses health packets instead of screen-space health. In most shooter games, including Battlefield, you just take cover and wait for your health to respawn. In Wolfenstein 2, you need to use some sort of brain power to think about not getting shot because have a limited supply of health.

Of course, the game can’t avoid its virtue signaling for long, and B.J., ends up getting beat up by one of the Nazi soldiers and his pregnant wife ends up coming to save him.

We then get to see one of the other diversity characters in action: the overweight Nazi who isn’t such a bad person. This was obviously MachineGames’ way of hitting off the overweight checkbox on the diversity list.

The clip ends as the resistant leader is about to be beheaded after BJ gives himself up to save the others. Not only did they make BJ look really strange in the new game with his bug-eyed shocked face, but they really seem to be hammering home the progressive point.

There isn’t much to say about the game in terms of what it does right. It’s a rehash of the last game except it feels a lot more linear. This isn’t the only on-rails level either. They also demoed another level from the game later on into the story and it’s also very much on-rails.

Anyway, the game is due for release on October 27th.


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