World Of Speed, Online Racing Title Set To Hit PC Via Steam On August 21st

Looking for a free online racing game that pits multiple racers together to see who has the best car? Publisher Mad Dog Games and developers Saber Interactive and Redemption Ark plan to bring World of Speed to PC through Steam Early Access, starting August 21st.

World of Speed has been in development for a long time and even went through a lot of problems two years ago. The game itself is much like any other racer in terms of style and doesn’t flaunt jaw dropping graphics. However given that the title is free, it might just sway quite the crowd over to check out the mechanics under its hood.

If you happen to be a fan of “sophisticated physics” and “nail biting” street racing, World of Speed is said to bring just that and then some… although you should take that with a grain of salt given that there’s no recent gameplay footage.

After disappearing from the media without any new trailers, fans and gamers alike originally believed that this very game had died and became vaporware after its development hell escalated, as posted on the game’s main website.

Fast forward seven or so months later after the post and we now have an official release date for the game in question that is set to hit Steam Early Access on August 21st. Features like online street races, car upgrades/customization, and over 50 licensed brands from conventional production cars to super cars with unique behaviors, is said to be more than present at release.

There’s no telling whether or not this game will bomb and become the ghost it was predicted to be by fans some years back after the development conundrum, or if it will find a nice place among gamers. Only time will tell with its run on Steam, but while we wait for August 21st to pull up, two of World of Speed’s trailers sit below for your viewing pleasure.

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