WWE 2K18 First Gameplay Footage Reveals Lack Of Ring Psychology, Timing
WWE 2K18

Two new videos for 2K Games’ WWE 2K18 were released, one of which features Randy Orton versus John Cena, and the other features AJ Styles versus Baron Corbin.

The videos reveal that just like the previous entries of WWE 2K, the game still lacks the ring psychology and timing of real life pro wrestling. You can check out the first video below with Randy Orton versus John Cena below, courtesy of Smacktalks.

The match is clunky and more like a typical fighting game than a wrestling title. There is no starting tie-up or a headlock that leads into running the ropes or feeling out the opponent. It’s just throwing clunkers and pulling off moves as if you’re going through a checklist.

It’s interesting because even though Fire Pro Wrestling World is definitely closer to a fighting game than real life wrestling, at least they understand ring psychology and timing. The matches in Fire Pro play out very similar to real life, and you can definitely spot the mannerisms of the wrestlers even in their sprite form.

That sort of ring presence and mat IQ is not present in WWE 2K18 from the AI… at all.

Nevertheless, the second video features AJ Styles and Baron Corbin, which you can check out below.

It’s only a minute and a half long and doesn’t feature a whole lot of wrestling. Mostly it’s just a showcase of some of Styles and Corbin’s moves.

We also get to see a little bit of the Elimination Chamber, which looks good in the game. Once again, you don’t get to see much of the gamelay, though.

Basically, it’s WWE 2K17 with a graphics upgrade. The animation blending is still poor and the transitions are still far and away no where near as good as those in the EA Sports UFC games. They really need a new physics system or an animation overhaul.

The grapple system also needs to be overhauled to better reflect any sort of realism from actual pro wrestling. AKI Corp managed to perfect the ring psychology and timing that really reflected actual pro wrestling with games like WCW Revenge and WWF No Mercy. Sadly, Yukes has not been able to recapture that magic.

You can look for WWE 2K18 to launch for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this October.


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