Yakuza Kiwami DLC Will Be Free Throughout September On PS4
Yakuza Kiwami
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

The Western release of Yakuza Kiwami is set to commence on August 29th for the PlayStation 4. Deep Silver has announced that there will be four sets of free DLC that will follow the launch, starting in September.

The press release indicates that there will bte a Kiwami Fun Pack set to go live on September 5th, featuring a new outfit, some recovery items, a handgun, and a gold plate.

Dragon Tattoo
Kiryu’s shirtless outfit
Toughness Emperor
Stamina/healthy recovery item
Tauriner ++
Stamina/healthy recovery item
Staminan Royale
Stamina/healthy recovery item
Modified Model Gun
Handgun weapon
Gold Plate
Sell for cash item

On September 12th, there’s going to be a Kiwami Street Pack that will be available, featuring a prison outfit and four pocket circuit parts.

Prison Escapee
Kiryu’s prison outfit
Extra Balance Motor
Pocket Circuit part
Extra Slim Tires
Pocket Circuit part
Boost Gears
Pocket Circuit part
Speed Frame Plus
Pocket Circuit part
Stone of Enduring
Item that protects against a critical attack once

On September 19th the Kiwami Fun Pack 2 will release, featuring Kiryu in a black suit, and will also have recovery item, a cannon and a platinum plate.

Black Suit
Kiryu’s black suit outfit
Toughness Infinity
Stamina/health recovery item
Tauriner Maximum
Stamina/health recovery item
Staminan Spark
Stamina/health recovery item
Marlin Cannon
Hand-held cannon
Platinum Plate
Sell for cash item

The final Kiwami Street Pack 2 will release in September 26th, featuring a Majima outfit, and more pocket circuit car parts.

Snake Skin Jacket
Majima’s Outfit
Killer Bee
Pocket Circuit car
Godspeed Motor
Pocket Circuit part
Super Slim Tires
Pocket Circuit part
Godspeed Gears Plus
Pocket Circuit part
New Bumper Plate
Pocket Circuit part
Sacrifice Stone
Item that protects against death once

There are additional campaign missions and story elements to play through as well. Yakuza Kiwami is a re-release and remaster of the original PS2 release. The story originally takes place in 1995 following Kazuma Kiryu, and follows the events that unfold over the course of 10 years that changes his life forever. Sega has labeled the game as the most “extreme” version of the original release.

The combat has also been overhauled based on the Yakuza 0 battle mechanics. So it’s taking the old story but updating it with a few new quirks, including the whole Majima thing where he pops up everywhere throughout the game and you’ll have to fight him throughout the game.

They’ve also tossed in a few new mini-games, including the pocket circuit car racing, the new MesuKing: Battle Bug Beauties, all new hostesses to interact with, all new side-quests, and all new re-recorded Japanese dialogue.

You can look for Yakuza Kiwami to launch on the PS4 in the West starting August 29th.

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  • Alistair

    do you know If sega said It will be uncensored?

    • Don’t know. I’m guessing it should be?

      • SevTheBear

        So fare in Yakuza 0 I haven’t seen anything reminds me of censorship. I think it’s save to say it will be the same for Kiwami

        • They probably learned their lesson from the Yakuza 3 fallout.

          • Disqusted

            Looked it up: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/950186-yakuza-3/54131751

            -Answer x Answer, a quiz game on Japanese pop culture, which is no huge loss unless you know about what Japanese bands appeared on what Japanese TV shows
            -The hostess club sections
            -Massage Parlor side game
            -Something like 20 sidequests, only a few of which were related to the above

            Have they ripped the heart out of the game?

            Depends. The core story and combat mechanics have been left pretty much unaltered, so if that’s what you’re after you’ll be fine. If you dig side quests and the glimpses into Japanese culture, then yeah it got hurt there.

            That sounds like a lot. I’d be pissed, if I didn’t always go to the Japanese versions to avoid shitty localization.

            There’s some asshole in that thread attacking people for just talking about what was removed, and insisting that Kiryuu would never go to a hostess club anyway.

            I’m under the Yakuza are heavily intertwined with the hostess business, so I’d imagine Yakuza would have to go to a hostess club at some point, for some reason or another.

          • Alistair

            That a load of bull of them saying Kiryuu wouldn’t want to visit the hostess club,

            In Zero he watches real porn actress and wanks off to it then he can’t have enough and use the phone for sex talk/text no this Kiryuu is rather a randy perverted kind of guy.

            Then even all that he still hasn’t have enough so he beat the shit out of people. 😂

          • SevTheBear

            I never played that one. What did they do with Y3?

          • Removed a lot of content deemed “too japanese” and people got angry. Here’s a list:

            There’s probably more.
            With such a niche series, pissing off your fans is the last thing you’d want to do.

            They got the message and removed only two things from Yakuza 4: The quiz game and they changed the intro song due to licensing bullshit.

          • SevTheBear

            Thanks man. Yeah I hope they keep all the content in the game this time (if the remaster it for PS4)

      • tajlund

        Just some OT news for you. Apparently limiting visas and immigration to people that can speak english and have a high skill level is a problem for EA and Take Two.


        • Disqusted

          As expected from some of the greediest f**kers out there.

          ““There is a constant shortage of qualified, high-skilled labor within our industry,””

          That’s what happens when the industry keeps telling people gaming is evil and that Westerners are already the best and never need to improve, and to blame everything on white people and men in general. On top of all the other shit, like shitting on artist’s faces, plagiarism, corruption, cheating, censorship, bullying, bending over to whoever cries loudest, etc, etc.

          “We’re too lazy to fix our own problems! Gotta import illegals!”

          Protip: Want skill and talent? Get rid of snowflake/SJW culture and lowering everyone to the lowest common denominator all the damn time.

          It’s particularly ironic hearing TakeTwo bitch about lack of skill, after they tried to kill modders. Maybe hire modders instead of shitting on them, assholes.

          He also revealed that immigrants were less interested in coming to the U.S. to work because of the current political climate

          Ah yes, the extremely SJW political climate, yes? I heard that if you work in Silicon Valley you must bend over backwards and pretend to be an SJW or they will go out of their way to absolutely destroy you. Probably the same in Canada, where they seem hellbent on making wrongthink (ie. disagreeing with Soros) illegal.

          I’m sure immigrants have heard about the all the crazy feminist/LGBTBBQ/Antifa/Soros extremist crap. Those aren’t Trump’s fault, obviously. Typical of Soros’ Polygon to try and pin their own sins on others.

          Hell, you couldn’t pay me to immigrate to the U.S. until they get rid of all the SJWs, which doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in my lifetime.

          Have to wonder how many immigrants they axed because they didn’t bend over to SJW culture. “Help, we can’t find skilled people who are also raging SJWs!”

          Gee… I WONDER WHY.

        • Would have thought programming and code support would have been the bigger in-demand jobs. Had he mentioned that I would have given him a pass since Indian and Chinese programmers are said to be some of the most skilled. But data analysis and AI? I’m curious as to what his reasons are for those particular fields requiring immigrants for the task. AI scripting is mostly module based, and you can lift a lot of the base functions from middleware. Heck, there’s no better AI suite on the market than what’s provided by NaturalMotion’s Euphoria, so it’s a little mind-boggling when they bring that up.

  • SevTheBear

    Still playing Yakuza 0 and haven’t even got into Persona 5 yet. So much Japanese goodness this year