Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Trailer Unveils Ghastly Monsters Roaming Around Town
Yomawari Midnight Shadows

A new trailer for Yomawari: Midnight Shadows was released, featuring the two young girls wandering around at night in a city where things turn violent and dangerous.

The game stars Yui and Haru, two young girls who venture up to the mountainside to watch the fireworks display. However, as the sun sets and night falls, things turn deadly for the two girls as they end getting separated on their way back home and then find themselves wandering through the empty city streets at night with nothing but their wits and a flashlight.

The game sees players moving around through the hand-painted environments, attempting to avoid being killed while also piecing together what exactly happened that night. You can check out the near three minute gameplay video below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

The trailer starts off showing the two girls scouting around the streets of the small town.

The isometric 2D viewscape and unique perspective shifts as you venture about are cleverly done, as we see at the 50 second mark where Yui walks through a forest that shifts from the ¾ view to a more traditional 2D perspective.

After spending half the trailer with the two girls wandering around, things finally pick up and we get to see some ghastly monsters and ghost roaming around town. Various monsters and traps hide in certain areas, requiring you to cautiously navigate the streets, homes, and buildings.

They doesn’t appear to be anyway to actively “fight” the monsters, but you’ll definitely need to run those little legs and get away, lest you become food for the lurkers of the night.

The game mixes in survival-horror elements with some light puzzle solving, exploration, and a story with a mystery to unravel. I wouldn’t doubt it if the girls were actually dead and were trapped in a purgatory of sorts.

Anyway, Yomawari Midnight Shadows is due for release on October 24th, 2017 for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC.


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