YouTube Blacklist Is Auto-Demonetizing Videos, Says YouTubers
YouTube Blacklist
(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

A number of YouTubers have made videos about a new round of demonetization that has severely crippled their channel(s). This is in addition to the previous demonetization that went into effect on a number of channels last year. Recently, some YouTubers have pointed to a possible blacklist that Google may have devised, which is automatically demonetizing videos, regardless of the content, and regardless of whether or not it even breaches YouTube’s content policy standards.

There’s a six minute video from LazarBeam, a YouTuber with a million subscribers, where he explains that after the PewDiePie issue from earlier this year – where the Wall Street Journal concocted a witch hunt on the YouTuber in order to get his ad revenue pulled – ad revenue has taken a major dive across the board. The video contains a lot of rambling, but he does bring up that some of his content can still be monetized, but a lot of it is no longer eligible for monetization and he has no idea how to make content that fits within YouTube’s guidelines for monetization.

Luimarco also did a video recently about how YouTube has basically demonetized almost all of his videos, and they’ve recently been completely removing monetization options for his videos.

He also mentions that he subscribes to a lot of “free thinkers” on YouTube, and that all of the “free thinkers” have been targeted for demonetization as well.

Luimarco explains…

“There is an algorithm now – it’s definitely not a person going through my videos – because they did it to pages and pages and pages. Some of these videos are not even public, they’re private. So that is an algorithm. As a matter of fact, all of my private videos received this [demonetization tag]”


“[…] Every metric definitely plunged rather significantly in the last few days.”

As mentioned in the video above, YouTube did make a post on their support page informing YouTubers that they can appeal videos marked ”Not suitable for all advertisers” using a review process, which was published on August 7th, 2017. However, having YouTube review the videos doesn’t usually result in YouTube reinstating monetization.

YouTuber RazörFist also recently did a video about this issue on August 13th, 2017, but he states that it’s not just an algorithm, it’s an advertising blacklist.

I did reach out to ask about when he noticed this change taking place, and he states that it was about a week ago, around the time when Google had updated the support page about appealing videos that have been demonetized.

His video above literally demonstrates how a video uploaded with zero offensive content, no foul language, no copyrighted material, and no objectionable thumbnail, was still automatically demonetized even after it had been set to private, which corroborates what Luimarco had stated.

According to World Alternative Media, some channels had 95% of their content demonetized. According to their video, many Antifa videos aren’t being demonetized.

According to World Alternative Media, the new algorithm demonetized a wide range of their content, including all of the top videos on their channel. They also mentioned that they had only made about 30% of what they had made this month compared to where they were last month.

This new algorithm is part of Google’s new initiative to stomp out what they called “supremacist” content and “extremist” content.

Google announced last year that they would be working with Twitter and Facebook to curb hate speech. At the beginning of August of this year, Google announced that they would be following up on their anti-hate speech tools by utilizing the new Limited State content policy, which would effectively block comments, search results, sharing, and ratings on videos that would be affected by this content restriction tool, even if the video content does not violate any of YouTube’s content policies or regulations.

YouTube will also be utilizing a recommendation algorithm to veer people away from videos they deem “extremist” or “supremacist”, and instead herd them toward content to reeducate them about certain topics or issues that they may have been looking up on channels that are on YouTube’s blacklist.

With this newest form of demonetization, some channels may either have to change the kind of content they produce and request to be removed from YouTube’s blacklist, or shut down altogether.

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  • Emily

    My channel was blacklisted. Its completely non controversial, just a compilation of before and after weight loss photos in a slideshow. I listed one as private to see if it was a subscriber reporting my videos. Well within 1 minute of uploading it privately it was listed as unsuitable for all advertisers. MY ACCOUNT IS ON AN AUTOMATIC BLACKLIST. And there is nothing controversial in it except some people might not like looking at overweight people? I dont know. Its messed up.

    • There’s a slow but steady migration to It might be worth checking out if you can convince your subscribers to make the leap.

  • AViewFromTracysPoint

    My videos were demonetized yesterday. I am NOT a social commentator. My channel is less than a year old with minimal views. I recap TV shows and occasionally do videos about random stuff I experience. One of the videos they demonetized was a short video on the need to have respite as the sole caregiver for my adult daughter who has Autism. I don’t use profanity or derogatory terms, etc, but my videos are deemed not advertiser friendly. They also flagged one that was marked private. Then to add insult, they will only review the videos if they have 1000 views, otherwise they will get to them whenever.

    • Did you use any tags or language in the description for the videos that included the word “Autism” or anything related to a disability?

      • Alistair

        Wow just wow the word Autism is a trigger to them dam left retards.

        These parasites now using disabled tags as a crime and need to be censored fuck they shit.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    Antifa stuff remains untouched because they bribe cops to look other way, consists of rich kids, sellouts and cheap californian whores, who throws bottles with m80’s and packs stuff like brass knuckles because they cant throw punch.
    Remember kids if you are not beta cuck or cheap whore dressed like arab ninja causing property damage/cost to state, you are fat white nationalist and everything you say is hate speech according to every website, search engine, tv and radio station, satelite and congressman owned by Love media err i meant Soros n Pals Ltd.
    Edit: On cynical brit: at beginning i did like him, but after he started lecturing gamergaters on what they should say or do and what dont, plus his actions after letting everyone know he has cancer, made me to dislike him.
    If he was any smart, he would withdraw from public eye and spend his remaining time with family and friends.

  • AlecJ

    Youtube is Google— we learned last week, they need to silence the truth because they know its more attractive than the cultural Marxism they are spewing.

    Look, these people are weak and cowardly, they quickly give up and ooze back into Mom’s basement when things get difficult…..they are hoping….expecting….the same from us…for us to quit, the minute we face adversity. Well, we arent them, and demonetization is only going to push creative people to innovate.

    Whether its another website, or a work around yet to be thought up, we will not be deterred from speaking sanity…..from declaring our intent to stand on the side of natural rights……from being a community of gamers that refuse their progressive agenda.

    The human debris infesting companies like Youtube, with this cancerous mindset, are no match for the ingenuity of thousands of individuals……

    Attempting to silence opposing voices through blacklisting is sad and desperate. It only rallies those once apathetic to our side.

    I may just start my own Youtube channel…..

    Wait til they get a load of me.

  • LurkerJK

    How does this affect youtube ? if they are not monetizing the video they are also not getting money for the view right?

    • This is true.

      I’m sure in their mind the loss of anti-SJW ad revenue is offset from all those other videos of all that other stuff on the service.

  • Alistair

    That really surprising about TB being one of them he fool me then, because as a fellow Brit and of course of GG he supported it.

    Besides google is the snake in the grass, I got finally the Adblock to deprived google any money from me.

    The sooner they go down the better.

    • GG he supported it.

      From what I remember, he mostly only supported GamerGate through the “ethics-only” angle. Which of course basically means plugging the holes in the sinking ship but completely ignoring the person with the gun shooting the ship.

  • giygas

    Many creators are mirroring their videos on other sites like Vidme. It’s not necessary to jump ship yet, but it’s a good idea to create an account and follow them on other sites or email lists now, in case their videos become unavailable on YouTube.

    You can safely kick Google’s browser, search engine, and email to the curb though. Avoid Firefox too. Mozilla is also engaging in a similar censorship campaign after having their pockets stuffed with Soros money and their browser is becoming the new Internet Explorer anyway.

    There’s tons alternatives for browsers now, unlike 10 years ago. Switch your browser to an independently developed Firefox branch like Pale Moon or Waterfox, or the Brave beta (very good ad/tracker/script blocker built in). For search engine, there are several alternatives such as Duckduckgo (much better privacy!) or even Bing. There are many alternatives to Gmail such as Yahoo and Hotmail. If you are using an Android device, do some research and replace the operating system with a custom Android rom.

    Obviously, you should already be using an ad and tracker blocker. For sites and creators you want to support, there are options such as paying for their services and merchandise or donating to them directly. If Patreon goes crazy too, Hatreon (lol) does the exact same service without the thought policing. Brave also has an optional tipping service built in for supporting your favorite sites.

    Make the switch now.

    • Mr.Towel

      I’m not aware of any censorship from Mozilla, could you clarify or give some links?

      I’m curious because their browser engine is the best there is. The latest update (55) made it the faster browser around, by far, even Chrome can’t claim that tittle anymore. Would be a shame to lose their tech. The other browsers using their engines are slow to update.

      • DizzyGear

        Mozilla has been socjus for a while now, even going as far as sacking their previous CEO for donating to the wrong cause or something. Excuse me if forgot the precise details.

        But yeah i’m not gonna switch browsers over it until they finally break Classic Theme Restorer because fuck australis with a burning cactus. There are just too many good add-ons for Firefox that other browsers just dont offer.

        • Mr.Towel

          I’m sticking around at least for now too. If the virtue signaling gets too strong or they start to collect iffy data, I’m jumping ship as fast as I can.

          • DizzyGear

            Most browsers these days are just chrome forks anyway and Brave’s advertising thing sounds dodgy as hell IMO.

            Its days like these i feel old and think back to the good old days of Netscape VS Internet Explorer.

      • giygas

        Also, the co-founder of Mozilla who was booted out for wrong-think and moved on to start Brave, which is faster and more secure than Firefox.

        • Mr.Towel

          Very interesting, the Soros money sure is a huge red flag. Their corporate culture seems to be changing as well.

          It’s a bummer, I thought they could stay independent but I was wrong, seriously wrong.

          Now I can only hope other projects can continue to work on their engine.

  • James

    It’s still kind of amazing that a political party managed to convince the world that everything that doesn’t support them is “hate speech.” Frankly, we’re all fucked. They control control 90% of the methods for being heard by the masses (news, media, games, music, etc). It is one big fucking brainwash-o-matic that is unstoppable without government intervention, particularly since susceptible youth are the largest subscribers to those outlets.

    • Kiryu

      There was never such a thing as hatespeech,i always told people that and they looked at me like i’m crazy.Hatespeech is speech the establishment disagrees with.

  • Element
  • Disqusted
  • Yes, YouTube (and any company) have the right to do what they want. But you also have the right to stop using YouTube and move to VidMe, stop using Twitter and move to Gab, stop using Gmail and move to ProtonMail (or whatever), stop using Google for searches and use DuckDuckGo or even Bing, stop using whichever service offends you and find a different one.

    Nothing you *say* will change the behaviour of these huge companies, but moving your eyeballs somewhere else does have a real effect, because you are not their ‘customers’, you are their product… you are how they make their money via advertising. Hurt their bottom line by going somewhere else, it is the only thing that matters.

    And if you can’t be bothered to stop using their services and find an alternative, then please STFU because you are part of the problem. Your words alone mean nothing.

    • Mr.Towel


      They only bleed by their wallets.

      One easier way to get your ass moving about all this shit is getting a new browser and set up yourself in there. So in the setup process change the opening page to DuckDuckGo, remove google from Search, remove YT from bookmarks, put or Minds or something like that. Then start getting your personal bookmarks from one browser to the other. As for YT’s procrastination videos… I would say now it’s a good call to start weeding out bad behavior and search for more healthy forms of escapism. Go finish your games backlog, watch porn, animes, cartoons, VoD series, read books, anything. Get YT and Google away from your daily life as much as possible. If you’re a content creator or has personal web pages, try to upload your videos on other platforms or try to get embedded videos from other platforms.

      If you have any kind of organizational itch, this will do it.

      • DizzyGear

        Theres also Protonmail as a substitute for GMail. Their located in Switzerland which has better privacy laws the the EU/USA and they encrypt the emails that are stored on their servers.

        The only drawback is that free accounts are pretty restricted compared to what GMail offers but at least they don’t have the tendency to nuke your account out of the blue like Google.

        • Mr.Towel

          I didn’t know about ProtonMail but I just gave it quick look and it looks much better than all other free alternatives. Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a run.

        • totenglocke

          There’s also the issue of how difficult it is to change your email address. You’ll have countless services tied to your existing email address and updating dozens / hundreds of websites in addition to getting all of your personal / professional contacts switched to using the new address is a huge mess.

          • DizzyGear

            Tell me about it. Besides Googles bullshit i mainly used my ISP’s Email service for my more personal stuff thinking i would not be leaving them anytime soon (i use them for almost a decade) but this year they decided to jack up the price of my internet service by a whopping 10 bucks a months. I could have canceled my contract and switch to a cheaper ISP but that would have meant losing my Email addresses as well so they had me by the balls for at least another year.
            Its been a massive pain in the ass to switch all my accounts i have over the net to Protonmail but it will be worth it.

            The only thing Protonmail lacks at the moment is POP3/IMAP support but their working on it.

          • RichardGristle

            I’ve switched to DDG, and I fucking love it, but as far as switching away from Gmail, this is a HUGE problem for me.

            My main email account is so old that just about all retailers, services, things like Paypal, you name it from the last 8 years are all on this one Gmail account. At this point it would be up there with changing my name as far as being a pain in the ass.

    • Samy Sketch

      Don’t bet on as an alternative to youtube. From what I hear they’re just as much SJW as google, if not more

      • That is not what I hear. I gather their policies are much less restrictive than YouTube, but please link to counter examples

        • Alistair

          They not allow porn and hate, hate speech that is not a approvement. It kind of the same.

          The only good about vidme is it allow Anti SJW content and vise visa.

          So it not 100% free. Wish I never read the community guidelines. 😫

          • No proprietary platform will ever be “100% free”, so unless you want to pay to set up a server rack & host content yourself, there will always be some restrictions, particularly for a no-fee service as they make their money via advertising.

            So if VidMe is just ‘better that YouTube’ rather than ‘perfect’, well I can live with that 😉

    • totenglocke

      It comes down to a chicken and the egg problem. People won’t watch videos on VidMe because all of the creators are posting videos on YouTube (also, I don’t think VidMe allows for ads). YouTubers need to start posting videos on both sites until they see enough people have migrated over to VidMe, then cut YouTube loose. The same goes for Gab, no one uses it because everyone else is still using Twitter. The big name people will keep using Twitter because that’s where the eyeballs are. Without an organized event, it’ll be difficult to get people to switch.

      • Oh absolutely, the network effect of existing providers is a powerful factor in them retaining eyeballs. I didn’t say breaking them would be easy 😉

        I have recommended to several YouTube content providers that they use their existing YouTube channels just as ‘front ends’ pointing to their VidMe or Mind content, that way they still gain some of the benefits whilst gradually helping to wean people off YouTube. Once they have a critical mass of people viewing them on a different platform, they can eventually abandon YouTube with a loud flourish.

        It will not happen suddenly, but over time if people can be incited away from supporting companies saturated with toxic values, eventually the economics have a much more powerful effect than merely complaining ever can.


    I’m starting to get sick of the, “THEY’RE A PRIVATE COMPANY, THEY CAN ENFORCE THE RULES HOWEVER THEY WANT” logic in dealing with this. Especially when it’s a company within a country with freedom of speech and freedom of association laws IN ITS FUCKING CONSTITUTION.

    • Mr.Towel

      Even worse, it’s hypocritical as fuck when you remember the Left was the one screeching about gay wedding cakes some years ago.

    • RichardGristle

      I would agree with the “they’re a private company so they can enforce whatever policies they want” sentiment if them and the U.S. government didn’t have their hands in each other’s pockets.

      All these damn tech assholes from Microsoft, Google, Apple, people like Cuckerberg, etc. are always having their little meetings, summits, and seminars and affecting public policy and federal spending. Up there at the U.N. and who knows what else pitching their global warming, diversity, immigration, and population control ideas.

      If you wanna be so close to the state and federal government then the Constitution applies to you in FULL.

      Same goes for universities. You wanna hire Marxist professors? Cool! Fuck your federal funding then.

  • Mr.Towel

    Ha, I knew it! I told ya their algorithm would fuck up and start affecting everyone, I hear there are even some normies and (not-so-popular) SJWs channels getting affected.

    If I were to guess how the algorithm works I would say it’s based on people networks. If your channel or your topics even remotely associates with a core group of people they don’t like, simply one person they cherry picked by hand, your videos will get randomly demonetized and blacklisted as well. For example, they could manually blacklist Sargon of Akkad/Milo and the algorithm would analyze their social networks and also blacklist people in their circle. It’s very similar to twitter’s Auto-GG blocker if you think about it. I can see Google’s internal snowflakes coming up with some similar shit.

    Or it could be even more stupid, in that the algorithm only checks the audio, trying to hear whats being said, and as any software which translates audio-to-text, it is crap and mishears a lot of words as swear words or blacklisted words, so it will block even nail polishing channels because it mishears “tucking” with “fucking” or something like that. This one is easy to check however, you just need to see how YT’s automatic CCs is translating your words.

    You start hiring people based on their oppressed points rather than skill and you get quality like that.

    • it could be even more stupid, in that the algorithm only checks the audio, trying to hear whats being said, and as any software which translates audio-to-text, it is crap and mishears a lot of words as swear words or blacklisted words, so it will block even nail polishing channels because it mishears “tucking” with “fucking” or something like that.

      Nah, it’s not a voice-to-text algorithm. Razorfist tested that theory with his completely innocuous video talking about nothing. It had no foul language, no contentious content, and nothing in the headline or tags that would warrant flagging. It was only a matter of minutes after it was published privately did it get demonetized.

      I think you’re definitely right about it using the GG-autoblocker rule to demonetize based on a “circle of friends”… or a guilty by association metric. Titles containing words like SJWs, Leftists, Regressives, etc., likely gets videos grouped or flagged once. If I had to guess, the machine learning probably scans comments for trigger words as well, such as “cuck”, “libtard”, “leftist”, “SJW”, “feminist”, “antifa” and “BLM”, and it likely pairs the words to a phraseology paradigm. If the video + comments tick the boxes after the scan — and this positive flag turns up across multiple videos — it likely automatically groups the channel into the blacklist.

      • Mr.Towel

        I was under the impression Razor had not tested the CC translations? It usually mishears a lot of words.

        But I agree, I also think the GG-AutoBlocker theory is more likely. It fits better on their own behaviors.

    • totenglocke

      As Raz0rfist showed, there’s no “algorithm”, it’s just straight up “naughty lists” of anyone that Google or their cronies find even slightly to the right of Stalin.

  • EroBotan

    I heard are planning to launch Gab TV (or maybe it’s already launched?). I hope it will have a good start!

    • Der

      It’s restricted to Pro users.

      • EroBotan

        so sad …

  • Fucktards like Total Biscuit said the Adpocalypse wasn’t censorship, and that it was just companies doing what they wanted, and that it wasn’t going to dis-incentivize people from speaking their mind.

    Guess who turned out to be right, cunt-flapper.

    • DizzyGear

      Its like TB decided he is going the spend the short time he has remaining being as much of an insufferable cunt as possible.

      • Can’t say I’ll cry if he kicks it, honestly.

        • durka durka

          He has stopped making the videos that got him where he is, which is why he loses subs. I just havent watched anything he made for months. I just dont find it interesting.

      • Disqusted

        Haven’t looked into the TB thing much, but maybe he’s being an ass to make people not care about him so he can go quietly.

        Also I think regular people are susceptible to varying and changing levels of… warped logic, morals and/or SJWness.

      • totenglocke

        I watched on TB video years ago and didn’t even finish it because he was such a pretentious twat. Then I saw his recent asshattery online. I hope that cancer hurts like hell, that piece of shit deserves it.

    • The “they-are-a-private-company-so-it’s-not-censorship” line is one of the most retarded excuses. It always comes from SJWs and censorship apologists.

      Also, for anyone who still thinks TotalBiscuit is “innocent” and not an SJW at all, you should read this excellent article about him, written by Christi Junior:

      • totenglocke

        You lose the ability to claim “they’re just a private company” when they monopolize pretty much an entire method of communication. That’s like saying that the phone company can control who you talk to or that your ISP can control what you access online because “they’re a private company”.

      • durka durka

        You know what pisses me off about this? The same people 5 years ago “corperations are evil and dangerous they have too much power” Yet now they are 200% on their side, it is almost as if all they wanted was to take them over and then when they took them over, they no longer complained about em. because they own them now.

    • White Heat

      The cynical brit fuck is a sell out, boycott him as you should naturally do with feministsSJW agenda pushing games. Voting with your wallet changes peoples opinions real fast you know!

    • Kiryu

      Well he’s an asshole.

      • White Heat

        Worse. He is a traitor. A real Judas.

        • Kiryu

          For someone to be a traitor he needs to be on your side,which never was TB’s case.He was always an SJW cunt.

          • White Heat

            Wrong! He used to be on our side, that damn Judas traitor. Thats why people are so upset with him now.

          • Kiryu

            Wrong,he was an infiltrator.

          • White Heat

            If he was an infiltrator, do you have stuff that backs that up ? Must in any case say he played a good game if that was truly the case.

          • Kiryu

            I don’t have sources to back it up but he never fooled me.I didn’t knew him before gg told me to support him and i watched his channel.
            Not only was it uninteresting but my feeling told me something about that guy was off so i didn’t sub.His whole persona smells of sjw,getting offended over nothing and hating on trump and his voters.
            I’m sure if you take 5 mins for research you’ll find something.

          • White Heat

            Your word is good enough. He hated on Trump and his voters too ? Was this on twitter as I havent seen him make a video about that (I usually watched his WTF is videos only). I erased him on youtube, and so should you all.

          • Kiryu

            Yes it was on twitter.He said he didn’t want Trump voters as his audience and they should unsub.He even hated on his wife because she voted for Trump and she tweeted about it because it really hurt her.

          • White Heat

            Well one of his wishes has already been granted, the unsub thing, why dont you all do the same and hurt him where it hurts the most, his wallet! Thats why I said that youtube should entirely be demonetized so we can get rid of the hustlers like The Cynical Brit and other posers. Always wondered why he praises Swedish games so much as it turns out he has close ties to Sweden (Mad Max, Wolfenstein to name 2) bet he will be drooling all over Swedish made Wolfenstein II like a stuck pig too.

          • Kiryu

            I consider all these YouTube celebreties to be useless parasites that produce nothing of value to society that’s why they make vids for a living.
            None of these donkeys would last 1 month on a real job.
            I have more respect for people flipping burgers and toilet cleaners then i do for YouTubers for $$$.

          • DizzyGear

            Their entertainers and there is nothing wrong with that but the problem is that allot of them let their ego get the best of them.
            But fuck it. Useless as it may be be, Colin Furze is still fun as hell to see to what kind of crazy shit he thinks of next like bolting a pulse jet engine to a go kart.


          • Kiryu

            I have nothing against entertainers but when they think they are better then working class people they shouldn’t be suprised they get no respect.

          • DizzyGear

            Oh sure. People like Angry Joe, TB, Amazing Ebegger Atheist, etc can fuck right off.

            I admit that these days i stick mostly smaller channels like Louis Le Vau, Tim Pool and Friended because of the fucking drama these days in the anti socjus YouTube sphere.

          • Kiryu

            Louis Le Vau is cool,i like him too.

          • Kiryu

            Is that Tim Taylor’s son? 🙂

          • DizzyGear

            Correction: His wife voted 3rd party and he was pissed because that vote could have gone to Hillery because muh Obama care.
            The whole story should be on Kotaku in Action somewhere in case anyone cares.

          • Kiryu

            If Hillary won Obamacare would be the least of his worries.

          • RichardGristle

            Getting pissed at your spouse and calling them out on Twatter for voting 3rd party makes anyone a huge faggot, but especially because “Hillary lost a vote?” I wonder which purse pocket she keeps his balls in.

    • durka durka

      Well, my small shitty country doesnt seem to be affected by Adpocalypse most videos have ads and everyone can make whatever they want. Even rip content from tv and monetize it.

      The reason i say this is because i think, advertizers themselves as well as a algorithim have something to do with it. Apparently whatever it is, it doesnt seem to work when it comes to small countries that no one cares about.

  • White Heat

    Entire youtube should be demonetized and thus we root out the hustlers there, cant share for free? Get a real job lazy drama idiots.