A Robot Named Fight, Nightmare-Fuel Metroidvania Launches September 7th
A Robot Named Fight

A new indie title that combines the the hardships and challenges of a rogue-like but with the gameplay and progression of a Metroidvania is set to release on September 7th. It’s called A Robot Named Fight and has been in development by Matt Bitner and his wife Kayla Dowdy.

The 2D side-scroller is a gory, nightmare-fuel title based on gory futurism and Lovecraftian imagery. The game plays out almost identical to Super Metroid, with a classic control scheme and mechanics combined with some new-school functionality, such as procedurally generated levels and enemy encounters.

You can see what A Robot Named Fight looks like in action, with the launch trailer below.

The game is a gory platformer with plenty of hardcore shooting to be had. Players will face off against the Megabeast, an organic terror that produces horrific offspring. The objective is to kill the heart that beats at the center of the flesh moon.

Players take on the role of a robot, an agent of the mechanical gods that rule the planet. Your objective is to acquire the artifacts necessary to gain the upgrades you’ll need to eventually defeat the Megabeast and restore peace to your planet.

This is the kind of game that seems like it would have been an anime back in the late 1980s, similar to stuff like Bio Hunter and M.D. Geist.

The game features a labyrinth to scour for artifacts that changes every time you play. There’s a permadeath feature, so you better not die!

There are 50 enemies to face off against, along with a cooperative mode so you can play with a buddy locally, along with achievements, and 60 unique items to discover.

You can look for the game to launch on Steam with a 25% discount for $7.49 for the first week, or you can pick it up in a bundle with the soundtrack for $12.74. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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