Anthem Director Confirms The Game Will Have A Beta

Mass Effect: Andromeda caused quite the fuss by the time it was ready for release, and rightfully so, due to a lot of the problems surrounding the game. However, EA and BioWare are cooking up a new game called Anthem and will publish a playable beta sometime in the future.

If you don’t know, Anthem is a looter-shooter game that seeks to enter the space of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Warframe, and Destiny, while keeping the Sci-Fi elements of the latter two games, but the scavenging and basic concept of the three mentioned titles.

Of course, like always, the game hit the public scene with a scripted gameplay trailer and created a lot of buzz. Following that buzz had gamers talking whether the game will be good or not, especially after the backlash that EA and BioWare faced when delivering Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Well, according to publication site GameRant, it was found that an early build of the game will come out for gamers to test and see if the title will live up to the talk surrounding that of its gameplay trailer back at this year’s E3.

In addition to the above, this early version happens to be a playable beta that was confirmed by Anthem’s Director over on Twitter. You can read the the little conversation posted up between TJ and Jonathan Warner, as seen below:

Given that the game has a release date set for 2018, it’ll be a while until we receive substantial news about the game and whether it has merits hidden inside or not. Additionally, though, seeing how Warner kept reiterating that the game is a ways out and that it’s too soon for details, gamers will likely gain more info at PlayStation Experience 2017 or at some other event about Anthem in the near future.

Lastly, there’s no word on whether this beta will be opened or closed, but what is for sure is that Anthem will release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime next year.


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