ARK’s Dragonpunk: Tribe of Gods Mod Introduces Cyberpunk City, Floating Islands
Dragonpunk Tribe of Gods
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

The Dragonpunk team are expanding their horizons, moving beyond XCOM and into the realm of ARK: Survival Evolved. The team recently unveiled a new PAX West 2017 trailer that reveals that the total conversion mod will go live for the PC version of ARK starting in the summer of 2018.

The teaser trailer for the new mod features music from Nathan Einhorn, as we get several flyby and panning shots of the completely overhauled world of ARK. This includes floating isles hovering high above the earth. All new dragons populating the area while thick foliage connects small pieces of flying land together. We also get to see some of the new creatures and species inhabiting the island, peacefully walking about. You can see it in action below with the cool minute and a half long trailer.

We see some giants, some strange new bipedal creatures that look like a cross between a chicken and a raptor, along with some giant enemy crabs and a Cthulhu monster.

Flame-colored birds occupy one area of the map, while a three-headed Cerberus is located on the ground level, blending in nicely with the autumn-themed motif for its abode.

The most shocking revelation, however, isn’t the new creatures, floating islands and all new locations… it’s the cyberpunk city that we get a brief look at before the trailer rounds out.

A dragon flies down to ground level while a flying car speeds by overhead. Another red sports car crosses the street as the dragon begins to breathe fire throughout the intersection. It’s a really cool sight to behold and could potentially open the door for some awesome adventures in the total conversion for ARK.

Of course, the Dragonpunk: Tribe of Gods mod is a long ways off from release, but you can keep track of the project by visiting the official website.

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