Assassin’s Creed Origins Sand Cinematic Trailer Has Impressive Music
Assassin's Creed Origins Sand of Time

Ubisoft released a new cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Origins called “From Sand”. The trailer is pretty much nothingness, consisting of little more than cinematic set pieces that fade away with the essence of sand.

The trailer is just under two minutes long, but the music from Max Richter is hauntingly satisfying. There’s an airiness for the minimalized presence of instrumentation, with an oboe and clarinet adding ambiance around the soft hymns of two female vocalists. You can check out the trailer below.

As is usual with most cinematics, the visuals are encompassed within the special effects capsule of slow motion, giving viewers short glimpses of various objects and carbon lifeforms fading into the breath of sand.

Just as the music begins to pick up the trailer begins to end. Thankfully YouTube outlet Assassin’s Creed Universe managed to upload the full song composed by Max Richter and arranged by Roman Paillot. The song is “Path 3 (7676)”.

It’s amazing but “Path 7676” actually seems to carry some of Jesper Kyd’s “Ezio’s Family” vibes with it. Interesting song selection by Ubisoft, but obviously not a coincidence.

You might recognize some of Richter’s ethereal musical motions and restrained use of symphonic instrumentation with his hauntingly steady compositions from projects such as The Leftovers or his own interpretation of the iconic Vivaldi sets.

What’s interesting is that where artists like Oskar Schuster focus on gentle determination, Max Richter goes for a more relaxed aim with his compositions, helping his work stand out in a sea of musical heaps containing so many different types of lethargically ambient pieces that litter the interwebs these days. It’s rare to find an artist that is capable of producing music that is both contained yet progressive.

Anyway, there isn’t much to say about Assassin’s Creed: Origins. It’s not a very impressive game by any stretch of the imagination. Ubisoft have been wasting a lot of time attempting to circumvent all the “We Wuz Kangz!” memes that have overtaken most of the discussion about the uninspired open-world action game due out this October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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