AtariBox Scheduled To Release In Spring, 2018 For $299

Atari sent out word that after 90,000 people registered over on their website to get more info about the upcoming AtariBox, they have decided to release a tidbit of info about what they have planned for the system.

Specifically, they’re scheduling an IndieGoGo campaign for this fall, and if things go as planned they have would like to release the system next spring in 2018 for anywhere between $249 and $299, depending on the specs.

The press release features quotes from those working on the project, including Feargal Mac, the Ataribox general manager, who explained…

“People are used to the flexibility of a PC, but most connected TV devices have closed systems and content stores. Ataribox is an open system, and while our user interface will be easy to use, people will also be free to access and customize the underlying OS,”

The AtariBox will supposedly run on a modified version of Linux and will have a custom-made AMD processor resting at its core running on a Radeon GPU.

The system will be compact and fit into most entertainment systems, but will be designed to play many of Atari’s classic games from the old catalog of titles still under their licensing label.

The AtariBox will supposedly enable gamers to not only play games but also stream via apps, allow for web browsing, social media services, and access to other digital distribution platforms as well. It’s like an Ouya on steroids.

Some people have already been through this pony and circus act, so they aren’t entirely thrilled about the whole crowdfunding thing. Some see it as the equivalent of North Korea inviting in all foreigners for free healthcare. It could be legitimate but there’s always that lingering feeling that it could be a trap.

A lot of the AtariBox’s momentum and success will depend on what games Atari will provide on the system, what the specs are, and what the controller setup and support will be like.

For now gamers just have speculation and some sparse specs to go on, but you can keep track of the AtariBox’s slow trek toward the crowdfunding phase by either checking out the Facebook page or the by registering for e-mail notifications on the official Atari website.


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