Bandai Namco Shows Off Code Vein New Story Trailer

Bandai Namco while at Tokyo Game Show 2017 made use of its time to show fans and gamers what its upcoming action-adventure RPG title story will be like. That’s right, the company has a video up showing part of Code Vein’s story in a brand new trailer.

Before proceeding any further, it’s worth mentioning that Code Vein’s story trailer video can be considered a spoiler video. The trailer covers story elements and segments that could be a bit telling for some, however if you don’t mind and wish to see the game to ease your excitement both the description and new video sit below.

“Who is the queen? What is the Red Mist? Why do the Revenant continue to fight and feed? Important questions that need answers. Discover the truth for yourself, when CODE VEIN launches in early 2018!”

The video introduces a tale that has been described by various gaming magazines and Bandai Namco that the world is set in a post-apocalyptic vampire-esque world. The wasteland is dangerous to travel through, which is featured prominently in the game’s story and is said to be reflected through gameplay.

In addition to the story, players must find a mysterious entity who is said to be out to control all of the remaining blood resources in the world.

The story trailer also explores other scenarios, too. We see gameplay footage of a familiar boss that goes by the name of the Queen’s Knight and other segments of running around from place to place. Gameplay is nestled into the video and is accompanied by cut-scenes showing sword battles.

Overall it’s a bit hard to tell how the actual game will be at release given that we have to wait a while before it hits store shelves and the digital scene. While waiting for additional trailers and videos to unveil more of Code Vein, the game is slated to drop for PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime during the early part of 2018.


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