Bethesda Set To Bring Bloatware To Skyrim, Here’s How To Avoid It On PC

Do you have Skyrim installed on your PC, PS4 or Xbox One? Sadly, there’s not much you can do if you have the latter two platforms, but if you happen to be on PC there is a way to avoid an upcoming addition of the Creation Club content that will add bloatware to your game of Skyrim.

In theory and if explained deceptively, the Creation Club sounds “somewhat” fine on paper, but in actuality and in practice it’s more detrimental than you may think. The biggest problem is that it adds content that has no merit or significance over free mods that are already in existence on NexusMods or on Bethesda’s mod page that are installed on your machine. Additionally, content that you do not won’t will automatically download and will take up space on whatever platform you may be on.

The addition of the Creation Club coming to Skyrim is nearing, which will add bloatware to your game. The proof can be seen over on showing the upcoming add-on of bloatware 2.0, and in a video by TheEpicNate315 as seen below:

Something I fear that the Creation Club will bring is a mindset to a list of modders that will throw up mods just for money, even if a better or similar mod is already out, slowly ebbing away pure and raw creativity from the whole scene of modding.

I say this because there have been well-known modders working on Creation Club mods that are worse than other free mods out in the wild that you can obtain for free right now. And while those on PS4 have the opportunity to benefit from Creation Club, the service is a bit like Janus, a two (sometimes four faced) entity that brings good with it as well as bad. The good is that it works around Sony’s policy regarding mods, but the bad is that every time the Creation Club is updated it will take up space on your PS4.

Folks on Xbox will be able to download some mods to counter the Creation Club a little bit thanks to Microsoft being open about modding, but Xbox One players will still face bloatware issues, which is still detrimental in the end.

To make matters worse is that if you have both Fallout 4 and Skyrim installed you will be hit with a double whammy.

How To Avoid Creation Club Bloatware

As of now, though, PC players have an alternative to combat this corporate scam by Bethesda, and it comes from the popular and well-known modder Cdante. The mod made for Fallout 4 named “.exe Auto-Backup” has been converted over to Skyrim (works with SE too) and can be downloaded over on NexusMods.

If you don’t know how to use the mod, YouTuber GamerPoets has a video explaining how to use “.exe Auto-Backup.”


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