Bethesda To Address Bloatware In Creation Club

It was announced a while back by a group of gamers that Bethesda’s new Creation Club is nothing more than bloatware, which is something that updates continuously without your consent whilst taking up space. Well, Bethesda responded to such finding and even went as far to write up a new FAQ list.

The Creation Club has stirred up the hornet’s nest in that it’s been featured in numerous articles, videos and other material that do not, in any form, bolster the project in a good light. The launch of the Creation Club has stammered through numerous amounts of negativity and rightfully so, which has affected both the recent and overall game’s Steam rating.

One concern that has been stressed regarding the act of SKSE-64 bit 2.0.0 alpha is that Skyrim and the Special Edition will feature the Creation Club, which includes Fallout 4, too. If you don’t know the problem looming around the Creation Club is that it’s essentially bloatware, forcing a user to download and obtain content that they may or may not want installed on their PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

This means that precious space will be filled up due to constant downloading of whatever makes it onto the Creation Club. Well, Bethesda has heard the outcry of its users and wants to soon address the situation and even posted up a new FAQ through its forums over on as a response.

You can read the new post and Bethesda’s thoughts on its bloatware feature below:

Why do the Creation Club assets download for everyone? [UPDATED]


This was a requirement for some platforms and how Creation Club needed to work. Most other games that offer similar content do the same. We realize this is a frustration point for players and we are working on a solution to change the way this functions. On the PC, this will not happen with Skyrim Special Edition, and future releases for Fallout 4.

PC users who want to download Skyrim just for SKSE-64 bit will soon be in the clear, same goes for PC users in the near future regarding Fallout 4. As for console players, though, it’s still up in the air at this point if the bloatware will stick around.

What this means is that, hopefully, those who do not want to take part in the Creation Club will not be affected by its constant updates and content uploads/downloads on a daily basis. However, only time will tell if Bethesda will follow through with axing forced bloatware on its players across Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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