BioMutant Gains 25 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Gamescom 2017 brought 15 minutes worth of new footage of a certain game , providing a nice look at THQ Nordic and Experiment 101’s BioMutant. Following up on that, PAX 2017 topped out last month by giving folks a 25 minute long video package showing actual gameplay of BioMutant.

Last month we got a nice look at 15 minutes worth of gameplay unveiling BioMutant and its post-apocalyptic world. Rocking an anthropomorphic protagonist that you can alter, the action game sports your typical combat coupled with platforming in an open-world. The game will either satiate gamers’ thirst for a new action-platformer sprinkled with RPG elements or it will fall flat.

Nevertheless, instead of jumping the gun as to whether it will do well or not at launch, a gameplay video featured at PAX 2017 offers a look at the game, which some scenes in the new video were previously showcased at this year’s Gamecom and then some. New footage, however, includes a crafting system that dabbles in swords and machine guns, exploring the world map, completing quests and more.

Much like before, IGN was privileged enough to catch even more footage of said game and displays the aforementioned in a 25 minute long video package. You can check out the video footage for your own pleasure courtesy of the publication’s YouTube channel.

There are some funny jokes regarding the gender choosing on this very video, which circulates that of meme related jokes. Looking over to gameplay, a lot of people seem to be excited despite some glitches popping up here and there, but that’s to be expected given it’s a year out from its release. The biggest gripe about BioMutant is the commentator, besides that most people seem to be thrilled about its arrival.

BioMutant is expected to debut sometime in 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Further info on this game can be found over on


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