Build A Game Universe Set To Hit PC December 2017
(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Building your own game can be fun, especially if you don’t have to do real programing/coding. In an attempt to make the whole “create a game from scratch” that much easier, publisher and developer Walker Boys Studio is set to release Build A Game Universe to PC via Steam come this December.

If you remember awhile back, we covered Walker Boys Studio’s Build A Game Universe on June 8th, 2016. The game puts you in charge of creating your very own 2D video game without having to learn hours upon hours worth of coding to get something simple to work.

The reason behind the year (almost two year) delay is that the devs wanted to polish the game and add even more features to its base for more options. A small list (part of a slew) of new content can be seen below:

  • 2d boned character
  • Inventory, crafting (the works)
  • Item – Builder (aka. minecraft tool)
  • Item – Cannon launcher
  • Item – Sling shot
  • Item – Vehicle (side, top, 3/4)
  • Board game type (chess, checkers, connect 5, cards, dice, dominoes, puzzles, and more)
  • Sports (billiards, bowling, tennis, ping pong, darts)
  • Random ones -> Status indicators, mini-map, lasers, ropes and more.
  • Standard 2d drawing tools
  • Color picker and swatch
  • Animation previewing
  • Layers and blending
  • Timeline and clips

I’m a huge fan of these kinds of projects, insofar that they promote creativity and an experience for those who may not be all that skilled with more complex editors to create complex video game ideas of their own, all while creating an opportunity to share their work and skills for others to enjoy. If all of that seems like something worth following you can read the new update post over on its Steam Page.

Gameplay or footage showing what can be done in Build A Game Universe sits below courtesy of its YouTube channel.

Lastly, you can learn how to use the editor well before it hits Steam this December by watching tutorial video guides via a playlist stream the team has up or you can learn even more about this game over on its main website.

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