Check Out 10 Minutes Of Cuphead Boss Battles From Real Gamers
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

Cuphead is shaping up to release at month’s end or a day before the last day of September, but with its release for PC and Xbox One approaching videos showing the hand drawn 2D-platformer hit the scene in abundance. One new video covers 10 minutes of gameplay and some of the boss battles.

I could go on about Dean Takahashi and his now viral gameplay footage when playing Cuphead’s tutorial is now meme quality, but instead let’s take a look at gameplay footage that actually shows gamers something that may offer a good look into what Studio MDHR has in store come September 29th.

Seeing that the launch date is literally two and a half weeks away from releasing to the public, there’s no better way to prep and form your opinion about Cuphead than by watching lengthy gameplay footage.

I should note, though, that the video footage showcased below does reflect on some things that gamers might have witnessed sometime back, like that of the frog brothers and the carrot boss. Nevertheless, we also see bosses like the cake and dragon, two encounters rarely shown, in action.

Without further ado, the video footage showing a nice sum of bosses in Cuphead and other segments in each boss fight comes a 10 minute video by GameSpot.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see more of this game. I do hope that there is a slew of content to indulge in and discover in that the many videos showing the game is just surface level. Hopefully the full version offers more 2D side-scrolling action, unique sequences, and bosses to fight that have never been seen before.

So far, the devs have been quiet about Cuphead’s release and only respond through social media posts. However, that could change given that we have weeks before the game drops for PC and Xbox One.

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