Check Out 22 Minutes Of Warframe’s Plains Of Eidolon

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Warframe is shaping up to bring something that will shake up the procedural generated set pieces with the act of implementing in an open world landscaped titled Plains of Eidolon. A new video by Digital Extremes shows off another look at the previously revealed location, which the game itself is out now for free across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Warframe offers a lot of features from various games into one single package for free. Of course there are microtransactions, but unlike many games Warframe allows those who have actual skill to unlock every single thing in-game for free just by playing. Speaking of adding content for free comes the much anticipated Plains of Eidolon expansion.

That’s right, folks who already own the game or just downloaded Warframe will gain access to this big undertaking. Caves, new locations, quests and other content teeming with unique lore, lie and wait to be discovered, and the best way to promote this move is through a new 22 minute long video.

Different from that of the reveal video showing the Plains of Eidolon, this new gameplay video covers some different segments. Both the description and the new video are up for your viewing pleasure:

“Watch as we battle a MASSIVE Eidolon and take down Grineer encampments in 22 minutes of NEW Plains of Eidolon footage! The Plains of Eidolon update arrives in Warframe in 2017.”

The next info details that of the upcoming Glass Warframe and more. The following video is a breakdown of dev stream #98 and covers what new changes and features will be coming to Warframe.

The near 20 minute long content breakdown video comes in courtesy of YouTuber Brozime.

Warframe is currently out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As for the Plains of Eidolon update and the content to come with it, the devs make mention that it’s set to drop sometime this year (2017).


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