Code Vein Character Customization Reveals Decals, Boob Slider And More

Bandai Namco has revealed Code Vein’s character customization and what it will be like through a new video, which reveals the act of changing a template into your very own character. The upcoming action-adventure game is set to drop for PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime early in 2018.

A new video that IGN posted up reveals a rather interesting look at Code Vein’s character creation or customization feature. While some may fear that it is lacking is some areas, remember two things: The first being that the game has a long ways to go before releasing to the public, and two it’s coming to PC and should be mod friendly.

According to the new video, we can see that cloths, eye size, hairstyle and other features in the creation list vary. The video also uncovers templates and sliders that lets you change a character’s size and, yes, even a character’s boob size. Additionally, the devs released a batch of screenshots showing slight underboob, too:

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The video that IGN posted detailing character customization can be seen right here.

As noted above, the main character is the player’s avatar who can be changed to your liking. You can pick their gender, body type, skin color, face type, and decals that can double over as makeup.

Something worth pointing out is a feature called “inner clothing.” This feature or article of clothing is seen underneath the Blood Veil and can be changed. Other things like accessories, the color of your sleeves and collar can be altered in an attempt to add more depth.

Lastly, the only thing that cannot be changed is your age, although I’m not really sure why? Hopefully it’s not in relation to censorship or anything, but as time passes, more information regarding the character creation in detail should come to fruition.

Code Vein is currently looking to come out early 2018 and will be for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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