Code Vein Exploration Video Reveals Different Locations

Want to know how some of the environments look in Code Vein without any spoilers? IGN and Bandai Namco partnered up once again to show off more of Code Vein and what locations will look like in a new four minute long video.

Bandai Namco is currently working on a new game and seeks to deliver it sometime next year, early 2018 to be specific. While we wait for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One game to ship for public consumption, IGN and Bandai Namco has continued their partnership to bring forth new gameplay footage of Code Vein.

The video footage is unclear as to whether the areas shown in the video are constructed just for the video or actual parts in the game? I’m going with they are parts constructed just for the video that might find their way into the full version, but altered.

Instead of trying to further guess what the new locations may be, IGN has the easy job of just moseying around Code Vein’s world and showing folks what different environments look like, which means no second or third attempts at trying to reveal gamers something new. You can be the judge and determine whether the environments look neat or bland:

Given that the game is in an early state, I hope there will be open spacious areas with secret places across each location that provide more context to each sector in the full game.

Speaking of places, the video also contained a lot of linear paths. However there were alternate routes judging by the video. Hopefully there will be more 3D aspects to the linear areas instead of just going straight or backwards.

If the past is any indication, more Code Vein videos showing regions, combat, characters, cloths and more should come in the near future. Until then, Code Vein is due out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One worldwide in early 2018.


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