Cuphead Music And Bosses Showcased In New Videos

Cuphead is gearing up to release at the end of this month, but before September 29th rolls up, three videos taking a look into the music and bosses of Cuphead have appeared. Cuphead is currently slated to release across PC and Xbox One.

A lot of time has gone into the animations of Cuphead, and that is no joke when it comes to painting backgrounds and animating small and big characters. The whole process becomes that much more difficult when put into a game, because more animations need to be on-hand so that they can compensate for different actions.

But animations weren’t the only attention Studio MDHR put its effort in, the music also shares the same passion. Two new videos covering that of the music “Floral Fury” takes us briefly down the game’s OST and what goes into it.

The first video shows a behind the scene look at a band recording session for Cuphead. The music or “Floral Fury” is composed by Kristofer Maddigan and produced and edited by Peter Strauss. The second video is a direct rip of the music from the stage “Floral Fury” with no background noise.

The first video is by StudioMDHR, while the second video is by Joseph Shell.

The next video, although a bit wonky when it comes to how it’s edited and its transitioning, reveals a list of bosses and their different phases. The video comes in by YouTuber HoTop GamingG.

Overall the music fits the game and animations. Hopefully, the game has solid mechanics and operates correctly without needing any major updates. I bet you are thinking “it’s a 2D game, why does it need major updates?” Well, look at the Escapist 2 launch, the game released buggy, un-optimized and with black screen issues.

Only time will tell whether or not Studio MDHR has a hit on hand, which its initial release is set for September 29th and will hit PC and Xbox One.


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