Cyberpunk 2077 Development Increases, World Map Rumored To Be Big

CD Projekt Red is working hard to develop Cyberpunk 2077. While we wait for substantial news to pop up, which the Polish team promised to show something one day, information about CDPR’s team expanding and a rumor about Cyberpunk 2077′s world being bigger than all of the Witcher 3 DLCs has surfaced.

CD Projekt Red has posted up a its earnings for the first half of its 2017 fiscal year. A PDF file covering all of the results and a highlight video were posted for your viewing pleasure, which publication site Gamasutra concisely converted into a small article. Part of the publication’s post can be seen right here:

“The company’s market valuation has nevertheless more than doubled in the past year; last August it surpassed $1 billion, and in the wake of this most recent earnings release CDPR’s current market valuation is ~8.2 billion zloty¬†— or roughly $2.3 billion USD at current exchange rates.”

The driving force behind such numbers is said to be contributed to CD Projekt Red’s flagship title Witcher game series and its GOG platform/service. However, we also learn that the development team is shooting to tackle e-Sports revenue through GWENT. Striking up an organization for the competitive scene that sees a prize pool of $850K and a new office in Shanghai, China (back in April), supports the notion of a brighter future for the company.

While all of this is going on at this very moment to build up a stable future, CD Projekt Red also made mention that development has increased on that of Cyberpunk 2077. It is said that over 300 heads are working “very intensively,” which sounds about right given that 2018 is said to be the year when the futuristic Sci-Fi game will gain more of a presence in the media by CD Projekt Red.

Lastly, a rumor has surfaced by an anonymous industry insider that supposedly details information about the world map, classes and other features, as explained by YouTuber YongYea.


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