Destiny 2 Launch Week Sales Down 58% In UK Compared To Destiny 1

Destiny 2 Sales

The first week of sales for Destiny 2 has seen the sci-fi sequel from Activision and Bungie topping the charts in the United Kingdom, but at a severe decline compared to the original Destiny 1 from back in 2014.

According to, Destiny 2‘s launch week sales in the U.K., are down by nearly 58% compared to the first Destiny when measuring the numbers via GfK. 58% of Destiny 2’s sales have also been attributed to the PS4 in the U.K.

This is all retail stats and the digital figures aren’t in… yet.

NeoGaf did do a breakdown of the figures, pointing out that even if we were to include digital sales, it would need to shift 242,000 digital copies to make up the difference in sales to Destiny 1.

Now one major difference is that 75,000 of those units – or 18% of Destiny 1’s launch week sales – were attributed to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

But even if you knock off 75,000 units from the difference, there’s still a gap of 167,000 units that Destiny 1 moved during its first week on sale in the U.K when comparing the Xbox One and PS4 sales alone. Meaning that even if you remove the PS3 and Xbox 360 from the equation, there’s still a 51.2% difference in sales between the Xbox One and PS4 release of Destiny 1, and the Xbox One and PS4 release of Destiny 2.

So between same generation buyers, there’s been a 48.8% drop-off in sales from U.K., gamers moving from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2.

While some fans of the series are hoping that the digital sales make up for the drop-off, others have been pointing out that Destiny 1 also launched digitally as well back in 2014, so counting the retail-to-retail figures, it doesn’t look good for the sequel in the U.K.

Nevertheless, we do know that in total, the game has already moved more than 1.2 million copies, given that PSU is reporting that the player-base has exceeded 1.2 million concurrent users to date. So we can surmise that more than 1,025,000 copies have been sold beyond the U.K., retail market, majority of which are likely attributed to the U.S.

We’ll likely get a better gauge on how well Destiny 2 is really doing when the PC version launches in October.

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