Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Walkthrough Guide
Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Bungie’s new Raid for Destiny 2 called Leviathan has gone live, and lots of gamers have started getting in on the action in order to grab up some sweet loot and cool gear. If you needed a little bit of help getting through the first Raid, there’s a walkthrough guide available that’s specifically made easy for dummies.

The new walkthrough comes from YouTuber KackisHD. The Leviathan Raid for Dummies has been quite popular because he literally walks gamers through every step of the raid from start to finish, including how to access the Raid, which is available on Nessus. Once you get in and you start, head forward past the first set of enemies who will not attack you. Just follow the path up through the thrusters into the next sectio nof the pyramid, as indicated in the video below.

Proceed through the courtyard and defeat the enemy. The objective is to go through each door successively until you unlock all the doors in order to access the final boss.

There are four symbols attached to each of the doors including:

  • Sun
  • Dog
  • Crossed axes
  • Chalice

The symbol that glows means that you need to attempt to open the door corresponding to the glowing symbol. It’s a little like capture the flag.

You’ll have to defeat the enemies and keep the flag from the flood of bad guys while attempting to get the flag to the appropriate area to open the first door that leads to the Bathhouse.

Inside the bathhouse, for of you need to jump on the four platforms to get Psyonic Protection in order to walk on the water without taking damage. As enemies spawn, you’ll need to kill them while standing on the platform to activate the chain as indicated in the image below.

As your life gets too low, rotate and alternate between players to keep standing on the platforms to keep them activated.

If you’ve done it successfully, you’ll hear an audio cue and the middle platform will begin to glow. Stand on the platform to activate the Force of Will buff and use it to break the twelve glass containers.

If you fail to destroy the twelve canisters while the buff is active, a Psyonic enemy will spawn on the platform, melee him to kill him and then get back on the platform to break the rest of the canister.

Rinse and repeat until all the purple canisters are destroyed and it will complete the segment and take you back to the courtyard.

Complete the banner segment in the courtyard again to open up the Pleasure Gardens.

Kill the enemies inside the garden arena and then objective markers will pop up.

You’ll need to pick up the prism weapons, jump onto the glowing platform and use the prism weapon to kill the enemies. For everyone not with a prism weapon will need to sneak around and avoid the war beast to collect the spores.

Everyone with the spores need to get to the purple glow and then the person with the prism weapon will need to shoot the glowing purple rock to activate the spores and turn them into a buff.

The buff will allow you to kill the War Beast.

The glowing purple rock spawns will randomize around the map, so keep an eye out.

Melt as many enemies as possible and then get yourself back inside the door as quickly as possible before the door closes.

Once you defeat all the War Beast head back into the courtyard.

Perform the banner segment again and then head into the room that takes you into the room known as The Gauntlet.

Have the team split up and stand on each of the platforms and kill all the enemies and then some orbs will spawn.

Grab the orb and perform the gauntlet run.

While performing the gauntlet, the other teammates will need to focus on shooting the correct arrows to help the runner out. You’ll have to direct your teammates to shoot the two rows that do not have a red highlighted circle. The runner will have to tell the teammate which rows to shoot to deactivate the barrier.

Continue to perform the gauntlet run to get all of the orbs. You’ll need to run the gauntlet a total three times.

When you complete the gauntlet run, you’ll need to take the orb to the center of the map and slam it into the platform.

Once you complete that segment, all six members of the raid will have to run the gauntlet.

Once the gauntlet run is complete, you’ll get a ventilator key.

Before you go back to the courtyard, pull the four levers located in the hallway, this will open up a passageway through the bowels of the ship. There may be some chests you can collect.

Once you get back to the courtyard, perform the banner segment again to open up the door that leads you to the final door that takes you to Calus.

You can kill the Scions that teleport in order to get power ammo, it will also teleport you to a segment with a giant head.

Split up into two teams. Have three people teleport back into the throne room and keep killing enemies. The other three people need to stay behind the platforms and avoid being sucked into the Cabal’s mouth.

Stay behind the knee-high barriers to prevent being sucked up.

The three people inside the vortex segment will see three symbols appear on Calus’ head. Yell out to your teammate which symbols appear on Calus’ head for the people in the throne room, and they will have to melee the Scion under the corresponding symbol.

Rinse and repeat until the people inside the vortex area are able to get close enough to his head and he will start vomiting up skulls. Kill the skulls coming out of his mouth. Kill about 50 – 60 of the skulls.

Once you get done killing the skulls, a portal will open; the three people in the vortex area need to go back to the throne room.

Everyone will need to stand on the platforms to deal massive damage to Calus.

When he raises his hand and yells, race off that specific platform and continue dealing DPS.

Continue to do this and rinse and repeat until he transforms into a robot.

You’ll then need to do the whole vortex giant head segment once again.

Continue that phase until the platforms glow again and continue to deal DPS. Instead of raising his hand he’ll shoot a gun at you, so run out of the way.

Just keep up the tactics until you defeat Calus.

Once he’s defeated an area will open up that leads down to an area with a treasure chest.

You’ll also be able to unlock new Raid gear from the Cabal robot Benedict 99-40, who will be located at the bazaar. The arms dealer only takes the coins you managed to collect throughout the Raid run.

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