Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Gameplay Walkthrough
Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Daud
(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Arkane Studios’ Dishonored: Death of the Outsider standalone release featuring Billie Lurk and Daud in a brand new adventure that sees the killer duo out to murder the Outsider once and for all, has officially released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For gamers looking for a walkthrough of the new adventure, there’s one available covering the standalone from start to finish.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider isn’t very long, and clocks in at just under five hours. If you were interested in a full walkthrough, there’s a video playlist available courtesy of YouTube outlet MKIceandFire.

The game introduces players to Billie Lurk, a criminal and smuggler.

Lurk recounts how she met Daud, how she betrayed Daud, and how she seeks Daud’s forgiveness and his help.

The first mission involves venturing to the Albarca Baths.

Take the trolley car to the Baths and break through the wall to get out onto the streets. There’s a guard by a wanted poster of Billie Lurk. You can take him out quite easily since his back will be to you.

Move past the tracks and there are two more guards until you make it up to the city streets.

A short tutorial video will play informing you about how to play and what ways you can utilize the environment to your advantage.

Head up the steps and into the arena.

There are multiple ways to free Daud.

If you don’t care about stealth you can just kill the guards and head to the mission marker.

Alternatively, you can head upstairs and talk to one of the eyeless chicks who will let you through the locked door upstairs for 100 coins.

Dishonored Death to the Outsider - 100 Coin

Alternative to that, you can head through the service tunnel where there’s steam billowing out. Turn the crank to shut off the steam and climb through the crack in the wall.

You can head around to the room where one of the Eyeless members are sweeping the floor. Choke him out, take the coins, and lift the Bonecharm from the drawer.

Proceed around the balcony to the boiler room. Take out the guard and move around to the area that leads to a room with a closed door. Through the hall you’ll be able to get to Jeannette’s quarters; she’ll be accompanied by a guard. Take out the guard first and then take out Lee to get her key.

Head back down and use Lee’s key to open the power switch and turn it off to free Daud.

After the short cinematic, you’ll need to find another way out after some of the guards begin blasting the Eyeless down the steps. Head upstairs and find the window that leads outside. Careful, there’s a guard patrolling just outside the window.

Make your way across the streets and down through the tunnel access through the old railway.

There are about three guards who will attempt to stand in your way. You can either kill them or use stun weapons to take them out.

Head back through the tunnel access-way and get into the trolly carriage to take you back to the Dreadful Wale.

After cinematic with the Outsider, and hearing Daud’s plan to kill the Outsider, Billie is set to Upper Cyria District in order to find out more about the knife that Daud wants Billie to recover.

The objective is to find out who the Eyeless leaders are and get a handle on the two-bladed knife.

You can also make use of the new Displace ability, which allows Billie to teleport around the map to areas that are unobstructed by your line of sight. In other words, you can’t teleport through walls, gates or other objects.

A couple of other skills are also introduced at this point, including being able to steal the identity of civilians and to utilize Foresight in order to astral travel from your body and scout out an area without being seen.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider

Use your newfound abilities to get through Cyria and make your way to the The Red Camella.

Head to the back room to the tattoo parlor and ink yourself with the Eyeless tattoo.

Head into the back office and check the drawers for ledgers on who the Eyeless leaders are. You’ll find out that it’s Shan Yun and Ivan Jacobi.

You’ll also find a Bonecharm inside the dumbwaiter in the room just before the dentist office.

Head outside, from the upper floor and you can use the Displacement ability to teleport across the street, as you make your way to Shan Yun’s office.

You can use the Semblance skill to make your way through the thick of guards leading up to Yun’s place.

If you attempt to get to Jacobi at his home, his door will be locked. You’ll instead find Ivan Jacobi outside in the town center in front of a statue preparing to give a speech. You can either go in blades-a-blazin’ or you can use stealth to teleport across the balconies, get behind Jacobi, steal his key, head back to his home, and sneak into his home.

You’ll find one of the keys to access the bank vault inside Jacobi’s office.

You’ll find some people being kept captive inside of a cellar basement inside the taxidermy office. One of the civilians is still alive, he’ll inform you about a key you can take to access the storage room in the office.

Proceed to Eolina Rey’s apartment above the flower shop. You can knock her out or kill her, but examine the letter on her desk to discover the secret knock.

Head to Yun’s house and use the secret knock. The maid will open the door, so you can either kill her or knock her out and proceed into Yun’s house.

Sneak through and take out Yun’s guards as you make your way upstairs toward Yun’s office.

Once you make your way to the upper levels and take out the guards, you’ll need to get your hands on a song to unlock the safe.

You’ll need to move to Yun’s office, knock him out, and go into his music room where some of his music is kept. Grab it from the glass cases and take them to the phonograph to play in front of the safe to open it. You’ll find the second key set inside the safe.

Once you get the key you can then head back to the Dreadful Wale where another cinematic will play, giving more insight into the Outsider and what plans Billie and Daud have next on their list.

After the cinematics play, head to Upper Cyria using the carriage to take on The Bank Job.

You’ll need to break into the bank and take the contents inside the safe. There are multiple ways inside the area.

One way of getting past the guards is using the scan and displacement skill to zip past those on patrol. You can then teleport up to the rooftops to get a better surrounding of the area and plan your way inside.

Make your way over towards the Cienfuegos Pharmacy, located on your map. There are two guards and a dog patrolling the area. You can lure the dog down the steps and kill it, and then rattle some noise to get the guard over to your position. Knock him out and take his appearance to sneak past the third guard on your way toward Dolores Michaels’ Bank .

Just outside the bank, there are two guards and two guard dogs patrolling the courtyard.

There are a few more guards moseying around on the balcony.

You can lure the guards off the upper stairs and then teleport over the railing. Head to your left and you’ll find an empty whale tank. You can fill it up in the machine and then take it to the opposite side of the area where you can use it on the machine to activate the scaffolding lift, which will take you to the roof of the bank.

There are several guards patrolling the roof. You can either knock them unconscious or kill them.

You can then choose to enter into the bank through the rooftop doorway access.

Inside the unlocked room you’ll find a few useful items you can take along with a serial access code.

You’ll need the access sequence to crack the code, which is: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13

Proceed downstairs to the lower floors and make your way through the rooms until you get to the security access panel behind the tellers window, which allows you to unlock some of the doors in the bank.

Head through the atrium to get to the vault. You’ll want to teleport to the upper level to avoid attracting the attention of the clockwork guards.

Take out the employees around the atrium and proceed up the stairs to find out that you need to get a valid code to enter into the administrative offices. This means you’ll need to head down to Chief Pena in the archives to get a valid security code.

On the upper floor you’ll find Dolores talking with a civilian about storing her rare jewels.

You can get the vault key by pushing the red button on Dolores’ desk, which will open up a secret compartment in the wall to the left. The vault key will also be located inside.

Head down to the archives where the floor swill be electrified. You’ll need to teleport across and into the room by standing on the desk. The guard inside will have the security code you need to access the administrative security offices, which is: B15D

Once you get the code take the elevator back up to the security room and use the code on the intercom panel.

Once inside the security, make your way around to the vault control panel and bring the Vault up to the top floor.

Proceed back up to the director’s office to open the vault and take the knife.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Void Blade

Once you get the Void Blade you’ll be able to use it to imbue with Void energy by holding down the right trigger.

With the knife in your possession, you can then proceed to exit the bank and make your way back to the carriage.

You’ll have to go to the archives following Daud’s off-screen death.

The streets are filled with guards and burning pyres.

You’ll need to navigate through the streets carefully and make your way to the contracts archive office.

There are lots of guards roaming about, so take care in subduing them on your way further into the building leading toward the curator’s office.

You’ll need to cross the large hall and head up the steps to reach the head office.

Once you finally get upstairs and passed the Ocular Sisters, you’ll need to reach Sister Rosewyn.

In the storage room next to the autopsy lab, you’ll find a Bonecharm inside one of the drawers.

Lena Rosewyn will be located in the center of the praying sisters, meditating on a stage.

In order to get the archive from Rosewyn, you’ll need to subdue her, which requires taking out all of the Oracular Sisters surrounding her. Plan carefully and use all the weapons you have at your disposal to take them out, either violently, or in non-lethal fashion.

You’re not done yet.

Inside the base you’ll need to be able to look at the archive using a silvergraph projector. It’s located inside the a room on the upper floors across from where Rosewyn was located.

Sneak into the typing room and grab the silvergraph plate – you can either do this stealthily or Rambo-like, it’s your choice. Take the plate and examine the archive in the projector.

Exit the Oracular’s base and head back to Billie’s outpost.

Head to the quarry at Shindaerey Peak and make your way through the camp and to the excavation site; activate the eye of the void, and then examing Malchiodi’s research to uncover the combination for the lockbox. It’s: 962

Inside you’ll find out that the Outsider’s Mark is actually his own name written in a forgotten language, and speaking it will set him free.

Once inside the Void, you’ll have the choice of either killing the Outsider or talking to Daud and freeing the Outsider by convincing Daud to say his name and free him from his eternal imprisonment at the hands of the cult.

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