Doomtrooper Gets Fully Funded On Kickstarter In Just 36 Hours

Justin Reynard’s Doomtrooper, a digital collectible combat card game, only needed $15,000 to get brought to life. The digital CCG, however, managed to accrue $16,000 in just 36 hours of being on the crowdfunding platform. The campaign still has 27 days to go and will likely surpass multiple milestones.

The game is a remake of the card game from back in the 1990s, known as Mutant Chronicles. A game for the Sega Genesis and 32X were also made based on the property known as Doomtrooper. It was a popular post-apocalyptic, galaxy-faring, dieselpunk universe that had a style all its own. Also, the books were a great read in case you were interested in picking them up.

A low-budget movie starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman came out a while ago, but it was such a low-budget affair that it was difficult to appreciate it beyond being little more than a guilty-pleasure B-movie that seemed suited for the Syfy channel.

Anyway, the game itself is all about recapturing the gruesome, gory, unpredictable nature of the Mutant Chronicles universe, as indicated in the pitch video below.

The core of the game will be a multiplayer one-vs-one PvP style outing for Mac and PC. It will feature 400 cards and English language text. If they can continue to hit those stretch goals they have plans on bringing the game to iOS, Android, and Linux, along with the Xbox One. I don’t know why the Nintendo Switch isn’t up there because that console is money right now.

The next big milestone would be building a comprehensive single-player campaign to flesh out the story and give gamers a bit of a grounded sense of the game’s world-building and lore through the CCG. Seems legit to me.

I imagine a lot of people who backed are hoping to unlock that single-player campaign stretch goal, because in my opinion that’s what really made the Mutant Chronicles lore really stand out, which isn’t something that made it into the video games all that well back in the 1990s.

Anyway, you can learn more about Doomtrooper or contribute to the cause by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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