Dynasty Warriors 9 Reveals Huang Gai, Zhang Liao And More

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have updated their main website for Dynasty Warriors 9, which includes popular characters playable in past games. This includes returning officers like Huang Gai, Zhang Liao, Wang Yi, Yu Jin, Deng Ai, Guo Huai, and Xiahou Ba. Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

A game that seems to be attracting quite a bit of gamers attention due to the implementation of an open world during the ancient times of China comes Dynasty Warriors 9. The game already has a large following thanks to its past titles, and with the act of revealing new and popular officers only bolsters its arrival.

Speaking of officers, Koei Tecmo updated its main website to reflect that of familiar ones that will be playable in the forthcoming title. The characters, as listed in the introductory paragraph, stand to be Huang Gai, Zhang Liao, Wang Yi, Yu Jin, Deng Ai, Guo Huai, and Xiahou Ba.

Before jumping into each character and their bios, the official website brings forth screenshots showing named officers front and center. You can check out all seven stills right here.

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Following up the screens comes character bios. For starters, we have Wang Yi, Zhang Liao, and Yu Jin of Wei. Following said faction comes Wu with Huang Gai. The last faction to see its roster filled with faces comes that of Jin, which sees Deng Ai, Guo Huai, and Xiahou Ba.

Moreover, gameplay and graphics will likely see upgrades in the near future, however given that we don’t have a specific time frame regarding the musou game’s launch, the dev team behind it could have extra time on hand to enhance the overall experience of Dynasty Warriors 9.

If you happen to be curious as to what Dynasty Warriors 9 has to offer and what the game attempts to bring, you can hit up gamecity.ne.jp.


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