Esports Life Will See Gamers Attempting To Become A Big Name E-Celeb
eSports Life
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

If e-celebrity status is a status you’ve been desperately seeking since establishing your social media accounts back when MTV actually had some half-way okay content and wasn’t complaining about male privilege, or when MySpace was actually considered cool, maybe that lifelong dream of yours can be fulfilled through the digital journey of super stardom thanks to U-Play’s eSports Life.

The goal is to get good at playing games, become braggadocios online, develop rivalries, play FPS games or MOBAs, and then attempt to prove your skills on the grand stage by attempting to win millions in the world championships, all while soaking in the fame, hate, love and fallouts from e-celebhood.

Guillermo Aguilera, the game director at U-Play Online, commented in the press release about the upcoming title, which is due to drop this fall, explaining that it’s a huge step up from his previous outing of YouTubers Life, and that he wanted to capture the thrill of simulating the experience of becoming a top-name competitive in the electronic sports arena…

“With the new eSports Life we want to capture the thrill of competitive gaming,” “eSports Life is the game pro-gamers were waiting for”.

Do pro-gamers really want to relive their journey to fame and fortune? Seems a little redundant.

The press release is light on details but there’s also a short 14 second teaser trailer as well, which you can check out below.

There’s practically nothing there in the trailer to actually properly inform you about the game. Anyway, I have to wonder will they include the ability to drop ‘N’ bombs when you lose in order to spam your opponent with insults? Can you tell the other team how much they resemble a defective spot in a woven fabric? Or how about informing the team that you managed to fill their mother’s orifices with enough bodily fluids over the years that neighbors would have to call FEMA just to provide aid for her to function?

Those are all the good parts about online competition that probably won’t make it into the game. Nevertheless, if you enjoyed YouTubers Life you’ll probably enjoy eSports Life, which will launch on Steam.

The game will see you attempting to sign with the best teams from around the world, attempt to hone your skills in various disciplines, and ultimately try to become a billionaire.

I wonder if the character creator’s difficulty will be broken down by gender? You know, Easy if you’re a male, Medium if you’re male-to-female trans, or Impossible if you’re female?

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