Evil Genome 3D RPG Attempts To Redefine The Metroidvania Experience

Evil Genome

Crystal Depths Studio’s Evil Genome launched last month during the early part of August. It was an easy game to miss since it’s not a big title and didn’t have any major marketing muscle behind it. The game is an independently made, 3D role-playing Metroidvania experience. You hop into the role of Lachesis as she explores a vast, futuristic wasteland while upgrading her skills and abilities and killing bad guys along the way.

The game is a visually stylized take on the whole Metroidvania experience, combining elements of Metal Gear Solid and Nier into the fold to create a sort of post-apocalyptic, mechanized aesthetic.

As players move through the world and upgrade Lachesis’ abilities, you’ll be presented with a rather massive skill-tree that you can use to unlock new attributes and moves you can utilize throughout the journey.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below, giving you a sound idea of how she controls and a brief glimpse of the combat mechanics.

As you can see it’s a little bit like Shadow Complex and a little bit like what some people probably hoped ReCore would be like.

While the story doesn’t seem to come through in the video above at all, the gameplay certainly does. We can see that you can mix and match projectile based gunfire with up-close melee combos to create deadly and varied attacks.

The ability to air-juggle adds some extra flavor to the whole affair, along with the mix of stage-based traps, and some challenge-based platforming segments.

It’s also finally nice to see a Metroidvania-inspired title that isn’t literally just another Castlevania or Super Metroid clone like so many other indie titles out there. It appears as if Crystal Depths Studio actually wanted to create a bit of separation from the common clones on the market.

Also… the English voice acting is pretty hilarious, especially from that Adolf guy. Wow… just wow.

Anyway, you can learn more about Evil Genome by visiting the Steam store page. The game is currently available right now for $14.99.

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