Fist Of The North Star TGS 2017 Trailer Showcases Lots Of Manly Features
Fist of the North Star

If you’re tired of playing games where you’re put into the role of sissy-pants, “Progressive” heroes, ball-less wonders, and weaklings, you don’t have to worry about that with the upcoming Fist of the North Star game for the PlayStation 4.

A slightly longer trailer for the game was released during this year’s Tokyo Game Show taking place in none other than Tokyo, Japan. It features a look at some of the locations you’ll visit, some of the characters you’ll interact with, and some of the mini-games that will be present throughout the adventure. And since the team behind Yakuza are working on the title, it still has the traditional comedic flair that gamers have come to know and love from the series.

You can check out the Fist of the North Star trailer below, courtesy of Push Square.

The fighting in the game looks pretty good so far. They’ve at least managed to keep a similar art-style and presentation to the Fist of the North Star games that Koei Tecmo made in the past. The big difference is that this isn’t a Musou game, so you won’t be fighting through a thousand guys per level. In fact, it doesn’t look like fighting will be the primary focus of the game at all.

As the trailer goes through the story and character elements, we see that players will be able to do some pretty silly things on the side, such as using Ken’s power to make drinks at the bar, or entertain the ladies at the post-apocalyptic hostess clubs.

Don’t let the silliness distract you from the fact that this is still a very manly game, as evident with Ken laying waste to baddies in destructive and violent ways.

Fist of the North Star - Man Beam

We see bikers getting clotheslined by steel beams; we see Ken unleashing his fiery attacks on foes utilizing lightning fast speed; we see a flurry of super-powered attacks exchanged between super-powered foes; and we see the iconic Fist of the North Star in action as Ken takes out the dystopian trash.

This is a game featuring a real man, doing real manly things…. and sometimes, not-so-manly things… but mostly manly things.

I imagine if you enjoyed the Yakuza titles, an extra bit of Hokuto Shinken lathered on top with a cherry on the side will just make the experience that much better.


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