Football Manager 2018 Features Overhauled AI, New Match Science, Graphics Engine
Football Manager 2018

Sega unveiled a host of new features for the upcoing Football Manager 2018. The game is gearing up for release this fall on PC starting November 10th, and Sega decided to outline some of the things you can expect to see in this year’s outing with a brief overview video.

Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2018 will feature an all new overhauled AI and how the teams handle. According to the video the match presentation will also receive a buff from last year’s outing thanks to the new graphics engine being employed by Sports Interactive. You can check out the four minute video below to get all the details.

Scouting is also being upgraded for this year’s outing, including having scouting agents behave a lot more like real life agents, finding and scouting players based on the parameters most associated with real life scouting.

Not only will there be a new graphics engine to support match simulation, but there’s also all new stadiums, and all new match science features to improve the overall realism and management appeal of the game.

Details on the “dynamics” that Sports Interactive are implementing into this year’s outing of Football Manager 2018 weren’t fully detailed in this particular video but they have plans on rolling out more details in a future video update.

They’re also planning on rolling out a series of new videos over the course of the next two months leading up to the release of the game in November, detailing more of the new AI mechanics for how NPCs behave on and off the pitch, along with the new graphics engine, and the sports science that gamers have so desperately requested to receive upgrades over previous outings.

You can keep track of the development progress by visiting the official Steam app page where further updates will be made leading up to the game’s release.


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